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Exciting things are afoot!

Tuesday October 16th from 10am to 1040am I'll be doing meet and greets in public spaces, 5 minute screenings. Then again 7pm-740pm.

October 25th hosting three company sessions. (3) Perfer MfM but can arrange all.

November 1st I'm performing musically. Open to one or two people to join me. Think pre and post swing.

I'm hosting one of my classic parties November 6th (Tuesday). I have 4 tickets.

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Well Fresno, I tried. I will be permanently taking Fresno out of my tours. I drove hours to get here and the only people who reached out were real jerks. It's sad because I've heard so many good things and I know there are gents out this way....its a shame

here I come

Fresno is more quiet than fun 😐 I dont think I'll be returning

A good morning fuck is the receipe for a good day!

Good moanin!

ι'νe вeen кeeριng тнιѕ reαℓℓу αмαzιng ѕecreт!! 🤫🤐💞

& ι ʝυѕт cαn'т кeeρ ιт αnумore!!!

тнe •reαℓ• reαѕon ι αм reтιrιng...

⇩ 💞 ⇩ ✨ ⇩ 💫 ⇩ 💠 ⇩

Omg! Amazing online sales and I'm without butt rubs! Damn this cruel world. Anyone up for a little mutual rub?? On me? Well kinda. Double entendre.

When I'm silly, you know its game time!

From 6pm to 10pm I have reserved 3 single hour sessions. Surprise! Bogo. This time all on me. 4pm, 6pm, 8pm. Its sudden, and rolls over

Should scum become useful
Hhr 10pm

Copy / paste to book:

I'm [name]
[Which hour]

Be nice? Amazon gift card to
So much thanks and love!

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