😻 in his face that’ll put him in his place

Sorry, still not fully onboard with Switter. I love'em but I have a hard time keeping up with two social media platforms. So for now please also follow me on Twitter. Also, fyi, all my TER reviews are now on my website. I hope this gives you gentlemen and couples some reassurance before seeing me. I promise you are in good hands 😘

Does Titty Tuesday include the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?!
🤔asking for myself

My daughter and I walked to the store together it wasn’t until we walked pass a window that I realized my 11 yr old is taller than me 😩

I love a good poem in the morning 😂😂😂
Guys don't book me and don't bother screening if you plan on canceling at the last minute. This is why I take deposits. How much sense does it make for me to go out of my way to be available when you have no intention on keeping our date??

So there's a guy...
He wanted to spend a little time with me.
He screened with ease.
Took his time, said it was meant to be.
Asked for my rate & then I knew he was a tease.
I said hey! How about that deposit!?
Then all of a sudden he lost it!
Said our schedule did not mesh.

Cuz I put him to the test.
He was never going to see me.
I knew from only dealing with the best.
He lied. Said that he was free.
But when it became real he was compelled to flee...

In the end our date was never meant to be...

This is what you get when you don't book one of the beautiful providers of Switter properly!

Screen boys! Read the ladie's website and follow directions or... (see below)

these are the same ones that are quick to throw up a review saying I stood them up blah blah blah 🤣🤣🤣
Fellas you have to do better!
At what point do you guys say ok I was wrong
Your appointment is at 1045 you text me at 11🤔
What did you expect a reminder phone call 🤣

You’ll find me to be insanely sexy with articulate curves to match my petite frame!
We’ve yet to meet but it’s easy to say I’m the girlfriend you dreamed of dating Once upon a time

one night may not be enough

@BigDaddy76 Thanks Big Daddy for boosts and favs, I really appreciate it. Hope you are having a great Sunday sir.


NICE!!! But I have to warn you Beautiful...
I'm gonna want seconds, thirds, or probably more😋😈😜

Some people won't try bacon for religious reasons.

I wont try religion for bacon reasons

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