I know what is (and we all know it is *NOT* bare sex).

But what is ?
What won't you do?

The tag is useless without a shared understanding of just what it declares out-of-bounds. Please explain it to us guys.

What does it mean to you, who put in your ads or profiles?

Thank you, careful ladies.

And please, if you are not a provider, keep silence and let them speak for themselves. Thank you.

What is ?
What won't you do?

No responses from providers after a long weekend. Please inform us!

And please, if you are not a provider, keep silence and let them speak for themselves. Thank you.

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@ValidaTemenow Cbj, cfs, no kissing but kissing on the body is cool no daty too. I know you asked for nongfe only but I offer 2 menu one is nongfe, other is Gfe. Gfe to me is daty, bbj a kissing

Thank you! First definite answer.

Other providers who say does it mean the same for you?

@ValidaTemenow @Kaykaybang949 non gfe is covered everything, no msog, DFK, bbbj, daty, dato) in essence so swapping of fluids or bare contact.
Gfe-DFK, daty, bbbj, cfs, msog

@LettuceMeat @Kaykaybang949
Thank you for clarifying your take on non-gfe. Just a few have done that. Do you think there's a consensus around this meaning, or any other?

@ValidaTemenow @Kaykaybang949 people that don’t take the time to find out what the community standard definition is of a term and go with their own assumption of what it means is what causes the confusion. Barebackers will argue gfe means no condom because they wouldn’t fuck their gf with a condom or pse is no condom because you never see them in porn, all terms have a community standard definition.
Barebackers are also known to use the term “open minded” to mean open to bareback.

@ValidaTemenow @Kaykaybang949 ladies know they. Can charge more for gfe so the ladies that say they provide it yet don’t do bbbj are non gfe they just don’t want to admit it because they’d lose biz. The the client is disappointed and doesn’t return because he didn’t get the service he wanted. It’s better to be transparent otherwise you only hurt yourself by disappointing clients.
Don’t assume you know the terms if you don’t know what the community standard is, people will try and argue.

@ValidaTemenow @Kaykaybang949 to fit their own thinking and not accept community standard. Pse is dirty talk, raunchy, exaggerated played up sex like you see in porn, it does not mean sans condom. Hence the need for the term non gfe, the use of safe gfe only adds more confusion.

@LettuceMeat @Kaykaybang949
...and thank you for the link (on your website) to the extended discussion of GFE. That should be posted more often! I'm taking the liberty of putting it out now:

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