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Now available in The San Fernando Valley.
Visit my website or call 4084559905

Screening info is required

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Hello wonderful people!

I'll be available in the Bay Area 04/09 to 04/12

Location: San Rafael, CA

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Thank you ❤️

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Gents, three good reasons to present a gift to your lady at the beginning of a session:

1. You make a great impression right from the start.
2. She will be more romantic and passionate with you
3. She will remember you as someone special

If you're still unconvinced here is one final reason:

4. SW is hard work. Would you stick a dick in your mouth?

I'm very happy to see us empowered. Very happy! Cheers to us! 🌹🍷

So much more than the obvious.
RT 16. There is such beauty in the job I do. There is kindness and consideration. There is nobility and joy and yes, ther is love. Love for mankind. Love for this fragile state we call life.

Gentleman STOP HAGGLING with the ladies! Your cheap attitudes are insulting the fine providers and you disrespect the hobby. Do your homework, man up and pay the ticket to ride the ride! Great providers aren't cheap and cheap providers aren't great.

Guys that defend as their 'right' or for their 'monetary safety' should remember they are just like the kid that has to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the dog to play with him. You have to pay to get these beautiful women to spend time with you. Otherwise you would not be here in the first place. Do what is best for the girls not your inflated ego.

@brionfleming with reviews how do you know? A review only indicates the past activities not the future ones. Compromised accounts happen often enough to make all 'reviews' suspect. As well as the utter fiction of many reviews to gain free 'VIP' access or to promote a new favorite girl. Reviews are meaningless. Simply research girls for aged social media accounts and ads. Look for personal websites and interaction on social media not ad posts. You will get a very good idea who is safe and fun.

@brionfleming If your only concern is arrest and even a single review leads to a compromised girl and your arrest, exactly how effective are reviews again? This site is set up by Sex workers for sex workers and is by far the best place to get to know the ladies because they don't have to censor themselves to keep the men running the review sites happy. I'd rather be surrounded by ladies than a group of men bragging about how long their meds kept them going.

@Bjquean In the 90's before the internet SW's worked with agencies that payed for print ads in local papers. The papers were very strict about not promoting prostitution in there publications. They couldn't say sexy, they couldn't give a price, but they were still very successful at getting the phone to ring. SW's were taught how to talk to clients on the phone and in person to avoid solicitation. I personally have avoided two arrests on outcalls because I didn't say the wrong thing.

@MistressEmelia That's an idea. I agree that we need to top down say no to it, but when you got a family to feed and your back is against the wall, most of us are gonna do what we don't want rather then starve. We get used to a lifestyle and when it's Threadend we do what we don't want to do

@HustleBunnie420 no, discretion isn’t key; that just hides the problems. We need to top-down say not to it, and then make it illegal to request those acts (i.e., decriminalize sex work, but criminalize requesting bareback services) – if anything.

@MistressEmelia this isn’t the end of the world. In fact it’s not even different from how it was before craigslist was established in 1995. It will take a little getting used to, but once you do you’ll make more and do less. If anyone needs any help, or has any questions, I am here for you. Please be discreet in your advertising and how you talk on the phone or text and stay safe.

@MistressEmelia four or five years ago bbj was rare, now it’s the new norm. Now these hobbyists want to treat us like toilets and have Bbj with cim. And for $120 half hour. We are being forced to do things we don’t want to do for very little money. Otherwise these communities won’t See us. That is human trafficking. Our industry has always been illegal. Soliciting has always been illegal. These platforms have done us all a real disservice Allowing us to solicit openly to these scumbags.

@MistressEmelia now the government said no more. These platforms going away might just be the best thing that could’ve happened to us. Now we have control of our industry again. SW’s or successfully moving their business over to social media and their clients or quickly finding them. If we are going to decriminalize our industry we need to change public opinion. We need to clean our own house and help get rid of trafficking. We know who the criminals are and we sit by and let it happen.

@MistressEmelia SW’s that don’t know anything but these communities are going to need to learn how to be safe in this new world. It isn’t hard, but discretion is key. We are all helping each other right now. We are supporting each other. We can’t beat them so we have to join them. We no longer have to do with the hobbyist want. No more B.B. bullshit . It makes us look dirty and the public thinks that we spread disease. We have to change their opinion.

@MistressEmelia The hobbyist created communities that everyone is upset about losing gave SW’s false sense of security Because we thought They were made for us to verify clients and keep us safe from LE. The reality is they were made for the hubby us to review us and put in writing what we do and don’t do. And those reviews have and continue to be used against us by LE. These hobbyist run platforms have been driving down our prices and dictating what we will do for years.

LADIES! this is super important. Your toots show up in google- put you handle in and you shall see! Do not get graphic, do not discuss details, $$, etc. Just show your personality, be positive and drive the gents to where you want them to go! Let's be smart, classy and discreet, please!! I am blocking anyone who isn't. Let's not derail this wonderful platform.

"More T&A pics! More T&A pics! This is SWitter!"

I'm not going to change myself or my style because this is SWitter... Deal with it 🙃 🤗 😚

I see the hashtag all over here this morning. I can guarantee that if this continues, I'm outta here. I want no part of a review platform. I am not your hobby and I find public reviews to be indiscreet, tacky and incriminating.

If we want to take the sex industry forward, then we need to leave behind the hobbyist mentality that spoke about SWs as though they were commodities and pressured SWs into performing services that put them at increased health risk. The future of the sex industry is one where the rights of sex workers are central: we deserve respect as well as the right to a safe work environment.

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