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Just wanted to say hey to the community... came from Eccie and P411. Located in Austin but travel around for "business" 😃 Hope everyone is well during the transition.

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💝 Show me some love 💝
Give me a BOOST!💋

I'm bored n all alone.
Come hang out n play wit me!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Incalls in Richmond, CA
Text me for rates 💋


510-776-9758 (Text first)

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Good morning switter universe! It's national blueberry muffin day. If you're ever in Austin, TX the French restaurant called "Mimi's Cafe" servers the BEST blueberry muffins I've ever had in my life.

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Often seeing a sex worker is a micro dose of much needed intimacy

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Don't spend the evening alone, when I can keep you company...
Available for in tonite

Call me! Xoxo


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Kinky Kendra is ready to play! Im so hot and wet just thinking of everything you will do to me Or make me do to you. My#1 turn on is watching you cum!
Im avail tonight for outcalls only! Im offering $20 off any session that is an hour or longer. If you would like to see more pics and info visit my website

Location: Austin Texas

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Recent pic in Denver, I’m still here but just taking a couple days off

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To decrease the amount of NSFW attachment reports, we've implemented automatic media analysis on media attachments and the toot will be marked sensitive automatically if any one of the attached media is over a certain threshold.

We'll be looking at something similar for avatars soon.

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I've come to realize my addictive personailty...

Amazing Women 💋
Great Food 🍽
Fast Cars 🚘
Electronics 🔌

What do these things have in common... 💵💰💵... 🙄😁.

I used to avoid some of these when I could... but oh well, only one life to live right 🤔. Have fun everyone.

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Nothing wrong in being flawed. It shows that you are human. What counts is how you treat others. This will show your character.

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You boys better play as nicely as advertised. And why hasn't anyone promised to take this sassy Latina dancing?


I gotta say, Texas definitely raises gents who know how to communicate exceedingly respectfully with a lady. And I appreciate it so much!

I can't wait to meet you!

May 9 - 11
May 11- 13
/ Austin May 13 - 15

Will someone in take me dancing May 18 - 21? Please?

@africo. You made this Venezeulan import learn about the Beach Boys!

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I think lil Jonny will grow up dating escorts.. he just doesn’t know it yet 😭

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Ever Seen Somebody Making Out On TV And Just Start Playing With Your Self ?

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Available for Incall and outcall
PM or text 469-205-7992 ❤️

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Do I even want to reply to this? 🙄
Come on guys please use complete sentences and there’s no need to capitalize the first letter in every word. Use proper English and if English isn’t your first language please clarify. This is unacceptable.

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Rise and shine sunshine! It's Tuesday morning and I'm in looking to have some fun. I get off work today at 2 and will be for company. Let's enjoy this beautiful day together sweetheart!

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