⚠️ Attention Providers ⚠️

Just wanted to bring a SA hobbyist to your attention. His Eccie Handle is mindreader .

I caught this guy try to sneak the condom back on after sneaking it off. 🙄

I ended the session immediately & told him to keep his money 🚫

Ladies (2) things
1. Ive seen this guy before. Repeat customers can try you. So stay on point.

2. Always and I mean ALWAYS double check and make sure it is there. I’m glad I did.

Boost This Please !

@ToniLovex smh.. we dont need people like that in this hobby. I hope you reported him on eccie and any other platform he uses.


Thoughts on "told him to keep his money..."

Men are not paying for ejaculation, they are offering a tribute for your time. If that gets cut short because they cross non-consensual boundaries...that's a sexual violation. Not only do you have a right to the tribute for your time, but the sexual violation deserves the immediate financial reparation (the full amount of the tribute.)

Please receive tribute before getting intimate and do not offer it back. Your time is not refundable.💚


Thank you sooo much. I understand where you’re coming from. I told him to keep his money because I wouldn’t put my safety at risk. If the client were to become irate or violent, that would be another situation. That is why I told him to keep his money. His money would never make or break me.

Toni L xoxo

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