⚠️ A lot of us don’t plan on being a provider forever and are professionals in REAL life. That is exactly why I don’t post selfies or posts of that nature.

It has been brought to my attention that a client has found my personal social media and is releasing my personal information. This saddens me because I guard client’s information with my life. No exceptions.

With that being said, this post was made to warn you ladies to be careful. I wish I could provide you with client information. ⚠️

@ToniLovex that is really unfortunate. This is also the reason I do not share my picture with providers, even as a form of screening. If a provider cannot effectively screen me through provider references or through my switter profile then we wont see one another. Not sharing my DL or photos.


Yes, It is. Every provider is different, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from.

@ToniLovex speaking of which, why do providers request a dick pick as a form of screening? How does the provider even know it's a pix of the guys pic?


Lmao. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I have no idea. I didnt know providers do that.

@ToniLovex lmao...I guess there are alternative screening methods out there that place the girl at ease.

@ToniLovex What a fucking scumbag. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Hopefully karma shits on him.

@ToniLovex That client really isnt a client. He or she is a predator. I just dont understand what clients gain by seeking personal information about a provider. There is a damm reason they use aliases...smdh

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