I just wanted to take a step back and say THANK YOU to the wonderful gentlemen who I am lucky to call my friends. I hate the term "client" because you guys are more than that to me. I have developed so many unique and beautiful friendships with people I have met in this industry, and you guys are great!! So, thank you for everything, my life has been changed for the better in every way so thank you all for the love and support!!

Boost this if y'all have AWESOME clients, too!❤️


@PrincessPoison And thank you for thinking of us. You are one of a kind.

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@PrincessPoison We are alive and busy but dealing with a few problems Id rather not talk about here. Starting to think about our next trip to Houston, currently scheduled for March. Hope to see you then.

How are you and yours?


I am doing pretty well thanks! I'm hey excited because I finally got a place I am supposed to be moving today and tomorrow, and is awesome! You guys will have to come check it out when you are here, I have a beautiful view of downtown!

Well, I do hope that everything gets better for you. I will be looking forward to your next visit, most definitely, Happy 2019 by the way! Hey, you have my number if you want to chat or need anything, I would love to help!

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