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Go stand in the corner and think about what a bad girl you are.

@AveryStGermaine is totally worth every fucking penny. Made me cum three times in one session with her. Total nympho pleaser that smells like heaven and tastes like dessert. Her little babydoll voice will make you harder than Trigonometry.

Next mtg 5/16 2-3 pm☂

⭐️open to sex workers
🌈stock up up supplies- condoms of all varieties, lube, female condoms, pregnancy tests & more!
♥️ referrals if needed; lunch provided

☂️Email for mtg reminders



Don’t just boost/follow/support us because we’re Black and you want to appease your guilt.

Boost, follow, & support us because of our expertise... not just because we bring some color to your follow list.



Nationally representative surveys in both the US and Canada have both found that approximately 20% (1 in 5) adults say they have been in a sexually open relationship before. However, just 4-5% of adults currently in describe theirs as open.



Hi friendly reminder that we shouldn't refer to testing positive for STIs as "dirty" or testing negative as "clean." You're not dirty if you get an STI. We don't use this language for any other type of diseases, it's unnecessarily stigmatizing ✨


clients, gents, guys, newbs, hobbyists.... do you ever ask yourself
"What am i doing wrong? What's the right way?"

We are human, we demand respect, we like to be treated like the beautiful women we are. your approach is everything. We aren't hanging out bored with nothing to do, Just because we may not have a client at that moment doesn't mean we aren't busy, we are. It takes a lot of time to keep up with emails, texts, calls, and we also spend a great deal of time...

*expand for more...

**remember heaux code ladies!**

Never share with a client if you find them on a blacklist, politely decline the date.

Do Not publicly discuss the aspects of screening, screening tools and sites used and provider only sites.

LE and bad clients are using the info to trick us and slip through. LE is using it to bust us and clients!

We also don’t want men getting access to this privy info.

only share details in pm's, forums are never secure....

if you need resources...

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Ever wonder where our money goes or how much this runs us to work?
$4000 hotel fees
800 advertising
400 toiletries
400 personal up keep
400 travel expenses
600 eating out
100 phone& WiFi
$35 pobox
40 screening services
Overhead grand total=$6775 per month.

Factor these in too:
Legal fees
Car repairs
Student loans
Medical bills

tip the maid! Per day:
2 star $5
3 star $10
4 star $15
5 star $20


Gorgeous minka available near Las Vegas strip 5593729110 📞☎️📲
200 hhr 300 hour
!400 for a hour of gfe !

Rates are changing 400 hour only no qks no hhrs anyone I've seen before Wednesday will be grandfathered in with the old rates



Why exactly do bloggers get so grumpy about companies asking them for sponsored posts? Why don't we just reply with our advertising rates, and start a dialogue? Let me explain...


I'm offering hour therapy sessions yes I said but guess what !! Text to discuss
HOUR IS 150 📲5593729110
Naked therapy only no fs !
Hours only available at this time.

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