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Quench your thirst and unwind. Let's escape into each other for a while...I especially enjoy sensual dates full of warmth.
Incall and outcall available. Prebooked sessions only in light of current events. See my Tryst or website for all the info you need.

Location: NYC

I look forward to the day that the Secret Service informs Trump that they’ve been fucking his wife for the last four years.

“I just wanna watch horror movies and fuck. Too much to ask?” — Diana Prince

It's almost that time again.

I’m not sure of my exact return dates yet. But probably right before or right after Oct 1st.

I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you. And I darn sure don't want you to forget about me.
Send me an email/text if you would like me to update you when things are more definite.

Please make an effort to visit my website before reaching out.

If texting, be sure to include your name, age, & ethnicity.

find all my dirty pics at

also buy me dinner in DC


Reading dystopia in lingerie in the backyard. This is a sex worker and these are our stories 💜💕😂

* * NOW BOOKING! * *

When: Thurs, Fri 8/27, 28

Where: Tyson's Corner, Virginia

240-903-1827 (text only)

I verify/screen all new friends.
Deposit required to secure hotel.

600/90 min
700/2 hrs

The “girls next door” on this site are actually quite different than the girls who actually lived next door to me when I was growing up. 😏

RT this if you also get horny when you smoke weed and/or think I look good in yellow

The latest example of how algorithms can be idiotic—and offensive.

My Instagram feed is filled with photos of gorgeous BBWs. 😍

And what does Instagram do? It fills my feed with crude ads for weight loss products that openly shame BBWs. 🤬

I watched some of the RNC and I’m really scared they’re going to have a witch burning.

I like how MV creates automatic GIFs... check out my new video!

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