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I just want to thank these profiles for all that they do to help our community from the flakes/fraud and ???..


Knowledge is power.. Know what you know and seek what you dont know it only takes one click of a button :licking_lips:

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RT @erinisaway@twitter.com

actually Ashton Kutcher founded Thorn that uses facial recognition tech to scrape sex work classifieds and gives it to the cops and social media companies but sure go off twitter.com/moonmama__/status/

🐦🔗: twitter.com/erinisaway/status/

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PSA for

Let's talk about core business hours.

If a provider has availability from x to y, DO send respectful and polite correspondence between hours x & y.

DO NOT send "Hi u avail" @ 2 am. How would u like if someone from work blew up ur inbox @ 2 am for a "crisis"

Looking for some fun in the AC this weekend, preferably from the comfort of my own home. 😈

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Please universe🙏💗please... send me absolute gentlemen only. Thank you💗🙏

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Hey the listed account is scamming clients. Took money from a disabled vet and pandemic essential worker. Would not verify identity with a selfie and a piece of paper showing today’s date and time on it. Asked for Even more after initial quote was met to get party supplies. Refused to take cash becuse of COVID and would only take cash app. She has not acted in good faith.

Hit me up : 312 884-9816


Are these frauds just fucking stupid? They literally have one post and liked my post about another fraud account!

Ripping off Sigal Acon:



Kaye Love

Is using images of Pornstar Morgan Reese:


@Gongzero I just keep catching them.

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I am available now in New York, New York, United States! To contact me, visit tryst.link/escort/peyton

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@AzUther @ThickDickBKNY

Thank you for your vigilance to keep an eye out for these and blasting them out loud!

Once upon a time (April/May 2019 when things were just as wild as now) there were allisonparkerprivate & allisonparkeronly
Deleted by A4 eventually

So these newer frauds are just evolution of one or two frauds

Sorry been busy 2-laptop, multi-Zoom/WebEx call days

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Allison Parker

Stolen media from Allison Parker 22:

The real Allison Parker is in Arizona.

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ALL Providers please boost this! This client attempted to rape me during an outcall in Harlem, NY 9176203361 his name is Martin C. he's black medium built and I have the address as well. All I asked was for donation upfront and he refused, pushed me to on to the bed told me to spread. I've never felt so terrified in my life when someone is trying to bend you over when you are saying no. This is no way of me playing the victim but sharing how dangerous this work can be. Be safe

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Hey I get it. It's your world here ladies. It's your body and it's your business how you handle your business but some of your ads crack me the fuck up. WTF is "Slight" GFE for $200 an hour Is that where you go to dinner, disagree on what to eat then you act bitchy the rest of the night🤣 🤣 🤣 Sounds like a "Slight" girl friend to me. I want to pay a lady $100 an hour for the EX-Girlfriend experience. You know, when she key your car, claims she fucked your buddy and ran off with your dog😲

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