Good morning Beautiful world!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!

I know.. it’s still Monday. But If you think positive... Positive will come to you.
Don’t let the Negative penetrate all the good that’s to come!


In Now!

Booking til tuesday!

250/hhr & 350 / hr Gfe Special!

200/hhr & 300/ hr non Gfe

How are all my friends out there in the switter verse??

How are you dealing with this interesting time?

Productive? Horny? Me too! Lol.

Would love to talk more, About how we can be horny together... mmm πŸ˜‹
It’s only 15.00!!!
37 videos so far and more pictures!

Hey switter verse!

Sorry for being super inconsistent... I have been going thru a lot of personal things.

But I’m ready to play!

Let’s get to it!

400/ hr

. Jan 13-15
Jan 15-17
Jan 17-19

Come play with me!

Switter verse!!!

I’m back!

400/ hr

Dec 6-8
Dec 8-9
Dec 9-11
Dec 11-12
Dec 12-13
β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Quarantine β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
Dec 24-28
Dec 28-30
LA Dec 30-Jan 1
/ Jan 1-4

add 100

NO BBFS, NO cof No Cim!

:cock_rocket: Last night in !

:lingerie: Purchase my !

Or I also do in person meetups!

πŸ“† Next stop...

πŸ’‹ Nov 16-18
πŸ’‹ Nov 18-19
πŸ’‹ Nov 19-21

(hr and longer only.)
add 100
400/ hr β€” 250/ hhr β€” 200/Qk


How was your weekend?!

Mine was full of laundry, family fun and a dog eating mushrooms... lol

How bout you?



Let’s get together before this weekend truely starts.. get it started right!

Nov 5-7

400/ hr

add 100$

Good morning Switterverse!
Traveling this week!

πŸ’‹ today - 5th
πŸ’‹ 5th - 7th
πŸ’‹ 7th - 9th

400/ hr
250/ hhr

:twerk: Prebooking now! :twerk:

☎️ 707.840.4660

Where will you get a great ... have fun, laugh, listen to great r&b music... And finish it off with a happy ending...

In with me!

400/ hr

☎️ 707.840.4660

Hello Switter verse!

I know I haven’t been bouncing around... but here’s the schedule!
For my Blow Job Tour!

300/ hr


Oct 24 - 26


Oct 26 - 28


add 100

Where are my boyfriends... :licking_lips:

:twerk: :butt_plug:

Dallas - 10/26-28

- 10/28-29

- 10/29-30

- 10/30-31

Catch me in these cities!


Prebooking now!

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