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Name: Rani Lane

From: 🇺🇸🇲🇶 [African/Indigenous]

Lang: English, intermediate Spanish & Danish

Height: 5’6"

Born: December ♑️

Sexuality: Open

Tattoos: Knuckles + 7 large

Piercings: Ears

Pets: 0

Random Fact: Played recital @ First Unitarian Universal. Church in SF

I can’t stop laughing at this 😂🤣 “The discerning purdendum?!” How things change over time…

Was it something I said? 😂🤣 I asked a serious question, and got blocked in response. They’ve been on Twitter almost 2 years, yet somehow never found time to promote Black providers on their account. So, why tf did they follow me?! Please go to hell.

It’s & that’s that. Learn what tribes live/lived on the stolen land you’re currently occupying. Uplift indigenous voices. Christo*her Colu*bus? I don’t know him…

Was just out w/ my boys shopping & got harassed for wearing 😷 & had to let this ugly man & his ugly wife know to “Mind your fuckin’ business!”. This is a 1st for me. {Color redacted} people are gonna learn to leave Black women alone. I’m not the one, the two, or the three.

I love when clients wear a 👕& 🩳 on an outcall. It feels so relaxed & casual I don’t feel like I have to be so “on”. This doesn’t mean I don’t 🖤 men in suits, because I def do; I have a visceral reaction to that. It makes me feel like I’m being interviewed, in a good way 😁

is golden! S12, E1 showing respect for our industry.

Gene: (sees a bunch of people wearing fairy wings) “Woah; is that a magical flying sex worker convention?”

Tina: “Oh, it’s the Pixie Princess Promenade.”

I’m so sad that two huge bunches of collard greens cooks down to such a small amount, they can fit in a medium-sized plastic Rubbermaid container 😭 I cooked them for so long, only to have one day’s worth of leftovers…

I’ve received multiple inquiries via email this last week that contain no screening info. I redirect the authors to my website to complete the appt request form. They don’t.

People: I have a system. You’re wasting both of our time w/ your lack of cooperation.

Not sure how radical vegan content got on my feed, but it needs to go back where it came from 😐

Tired of seeing folks mock ppl from rural US areas. Nobody chooses where they’re born; there are a lot of good people doing wonderful work in these locations. They’re not all ignorant, racist and right-wing.

Me: Posts a year-old bass 🎸 for sale, $150

Men: Would you take $100?

Matched w/ a dude on OKStupid & their algorithm is wilin’ SMH

HIS ?s:

Should burning your country's flag be illegal? ✅

Do you have a problem w/ racist jokes? 🚫

One can actually hurt people, one only damages an item. Make it make sense, sir. And also, go to hell 😒

“He was an angel — a guardian angel — a man who put others ahead of himself at every turn. He was his brother’s keeper to his last day.” wrote a moving, heartbreaking piece about • Pls give it a read.

My 16 y/o son is so cute, he’s on a date w/ his 15 y/o GF right now; they’re at a Barnes & Noble building a Star Wars Lego BrickHeadz set. Yet, grown women are still accepting Netflix house dates from dudes who aren’t even their BFs. Raise your standards, I beg you.

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