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As a parent, you sometimes wonder if you're raising your children well & if they're paying attention to the values you're trying to teach. My youngest son sent me this unsolicited & I realized that I'm doing just fine. He's been paying attention & knows ACAB ✊🏾🏴

People say they love "real women", yet y'all stay making fake chicks with purchased body parts famous. You swear you want honesty, then fall for unoriginal, obvious lies told by sociopaths. Which is it?! πŸ€”

Y'all can vote for whoever you want, but this habit of holding up your candidate as the 2nd coming of Christ is bullshit & I will never stop saying so when it crosses my feed πŸ™„

Hello & a beautiful to you. It's my 1st time doing this, so I hope you enjoy. Today's song is 'Blacklist' from, which I find apropos for what should be an obvious reason πŸ˜‰

Baby Daddy has suggested a joint bank account to make it easier for me to access funds for household items, kiddos & whatever I need. To which I said, "If you mean joint as in you put $ in and I take $ out, then yes." I will only put my $ in accts that I solely control.

If you're one of the people described in this article, just gon' ahead and unfollow or block me. We're not meant to know each other πŸ€’πŸ™ƒ

Recent followers (now removed) lead me to say this very clearly; Do NOT follow me if any of the following apply to you...

1. Trump supporter
2. Republican
3. Anti-choice/"Pro-Life"
4. MRA
5. Anti-immigrant
6. Anti-Islam
7. Anti-Gay
8. Anti-Trans
9. Misogynist

Picking up my 19 y/o from work...

Her: Ugh, school's back in. Everybody & their pimply friend was in there.

Me: Oh, yeah! All the kids from the high school were in your store!

Her: Yeah & stupid boys were tryna talk to me. Like, go live your acne-ridden life, ugh!


The moment I walk into a hotel room & smile at my client, I see the nervousness, anxiety & uncertainty melt away. And, when I've changed into something sexy, their eyes twinkle. This is our moment. With the way they look at me, I could do this forever...

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