Regarding our recent outage. You can find an official statement below. The last documented time Cloudflare terminated services was when they terminated the account of a white supremacist website last year. We are waiting on answers.

I just got my new pictures, and I have decided to show them on Twitter and Switter before I add them to my website. Here's the first one. I'll post a few per day. I hope you like 😊

Follow me Friday! Boost, favorite and follow. Something to get you going???? Sure, new pic for you. How you like those nuggs?

Available all week next week, 10a-10p, no black out times currently so get in before your time is spoken for.

Spoiler: Breasts

ATT SW's: Now it is more important than ever before, PARTICULARLY in this industry, to hold onto your right to privacy and be informed. This guide to becoming as anonymous as possible online will take you literally 10 minutes to complete but it is worth it. Even if you are to just read how your data is used...

PLS BOOST - this will help people looking for more anonymous ways of working on the web. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Way to go Slixa!!!! They have moved to .ch πŸ™ I'm releived they are planning on sticking around. Guys will have a place to find us, and our privacy is protected. Thank you Slixa!!

Okay, so, here's how to change your email address, when you're logged in:

1) Go to Settings > Security
2) Enter a new email address in the "Email" field
3) Enter your current password in each of the three password fields
4) Click "save changes"
5) Check your new email address for a confirmation email
6) confirm the changed email

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Hey guys! Just a quick note. Switter is NOT based in the US. Our servers are OUTSIDE the US and we are ensuring that Switter won't be effected by SESTA/FOSTA. We are using a CDN for safety which is what many sites also use. Please spread this. There is a lot of misinformation going around.

There's gonna be a lot of new people joining us soon! If you see someone having trouble with listings or how to use Switter, please help them out! Point them to

Please boost/share!

Working on a way to let people find listings better. Until we build the interface, you can start posting Listing toots.

A Listing toot must:

* Be public (icon next to the camera icon must be a globe)
* Have the hashtag
* "Location: <location>" on a line by itself. e.g. "Melbourne, Australia"
* "Contact: <contact details>" on a line by itself

For example:

Hey, taking incalls today!

Location: Melbourne, Australia


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REmember if you want me tomorrow duo or trio with my 2 favorite bitches, book tonight. Great incentive to do so but also, if I don't get something then I will not be available same day. So get your request in now!!!

Available all week at my normal NW burbs location about 15mins outside of Ohare area.... It is my pleasure to be your pleasure!

@SweetMay Yes, I just saw your reply! I'll be sure to contact you when I plan my next trip to LV.


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