@Snickerdoodle tanks sugar now come here lets see what you can do with them 😘 😻

@Jeenee I always wanted a twin guess nipple twins is a great twin to have 🌹 😘

@TexasSunshine I can hardly wait to see you and all your assets in person. It almost happened this last week. Have to wait one more week. Then it's on baby.

OMG, thanks for the meme blast. They're awesome 🤣🤣

@Greg_J @BennyNJ wow ok first off nothing fake about me and im not unattainable but your attitude makes you undesirable so just get out my feed

@BennyNJ @Greg_J I blocked him you should to u don't need the drama or the bs 😘

@BennyNJ @TexasSunshine I thought this conversation was regarding my toot about not being fond of model types but just realized it wasn’t. Was meant to be lighthearted too. My mistake on that apologies if I offended Sunshine...she is perfect.

@TexasSunshine Looking utterly stunning. As radiant as the sunshine you represent.

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