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Independent Sensual Sommelier for Quality Bodywork with a Tantric Twist. Please visit website for details.
Reviewed and Verified on Slixa, Private Delights P411 & Erotic monkey.

Location: Las Vegas Nevada

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Im enjoying rebuilding my reputation on Private Delights. I just got my third review. I had over 40+ reviews on TER that went down with the ship. But that ship has sailed is fast becoming my favorite port. So all you sailors out there looking for a new home base to find verified and reviewed providers, come on in, the waters just fine....

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Just an FYI, refusing to be screened is a great way of telling me everything I need to know about you.

Hey there everyone. Just a drive by hi to see what kind of content is on here. I really love when people post something other than an AD. Be clever and cute, we all know why we are on here so remember to let your personality show. <3

Hello Santa Cruz. Im on a mini tour until June 15th. Tucked away in a cozy log cabin in the woods. Come over for a massage.

We are working on getting a number of things put together to finally get this website up and running.

Right now we plan to have a forum section for discussions of FBSM related topics. Our "guestbook" is already up (we can't host ads, but you can add your name to the guestbook so people can find you).
We are also working on a number of pages that can be used as helpful resource links for FBSM providers, clients, and potential clients.

Official Launch date coming soon!

I thought this was cute. Sorry I dont know how to line it up right. click to see the whole message. ;-)

@TantraErica Great to see you Erica! It’s been a while!😘

I am available now in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States! To contact me, visit

Ahhh come on people. How about a little conversation. Tell me something funny or cute. I hate to see this place just become another steady stream of ADS that sound just like the next one. Show your personality. We all know why your here .... ;-)

for Newbie Clients
Read the provider's profile, her website if available and follow her directions to be seen. Don't text if she asks for email, (and vice versa). Screen if she asks for it. When you show, be clean, polite and have your ducks in a row! !!!

@TantraErica @ChanelSnow email is always better than text IMHO. Safer and lends a buffer so its not comstrued as instant access

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