Good morning everyone, hope you have a pleasant day

Shhhh!!! I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for...

RT turned this meme into something we can all relate to

Switter just passed fifty thousand members.

50,000 members. In just over three weeks.

If we want to take the sex industry forward, then we need to leave behind the hobbyist mentality that spoke about SWs as though they were commodities and pressured SWs into performing services that put them at increased health risk. The future of the sex industry is one where the rights of sex workers are central: we deserve respect as well as the right to a safe work environment.

@laurelai Workers need to control their content, their bodies, their rules, clients just need to control their wallets, manners, and attitudes toward the workers.

I’m constantly being signed out, is that normal for everyone? It’s getting hella annoying (ya I said hella)

@TS_Christy_Coxxx Always! I think your the most beautiful women on Earth!

If you follow me and I follow you back, don’t unfollow me cause I know where my unfollow button is too. I’m not about making your numbers fatter.

Seriously, Dommes, unless you’re trans, keep shit like “shemale” or “tranny” the fuck off your feeds.

Derogatory slurss are fucking bullshit, and being cis, you’ve got no goddamn place using those words


Providers - learn the art of tantra so that you can bring the power and sensuality of breath into your services.

If you have clients with erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation learn why this happens to them and teach them ways to overcome this concerns.

If you offer learn how to move energy for an internal orgasm. One that will make their whole body shudder and shake.

Custom trainings by webinar

DM Lana


Webinar or in person

Sensual touch and breath work

The Sensual Art of Tantra


Teach professionally or use in your personal life.

1 on 1 trainings or join a group training for a lower rate.

1 day Webinar trainings available

+ 1 month free advertising on the websites.

Providers - Tantra philosophy and techniques can be added to your already existing services.

503 432 0486 or DM Lana


You’re cisgender.... why are you using a transphobic slur?

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