It would be nice to be offered a porn shoot but I'm sure I'm to fat for anyone to like

I have new videos I've posted on my xhamster profile you can check them out here

Live on chaterbate

Available for booking

Contact me at

I'm emma Quinn I'm available in the Raleigh area

or Sex only
Must be clean have no STDs or HIV
Rates 200h

Contact at

New video posted to my manyvids profile it turned out very well

will be making a cumtribute video about one of my porn girlfriends to be uploaded to my many vids but will give picture teases here on switter

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So, I have this thing where I accept everyone with an open heart. But I guess I don't talk about it a lot?

If you're trans, autistic, enby, cis, black, white, whatever. It doesn't matter to me, as long as you're trying to provide something good to the world I will cherish you.

And if you don't feel like you can't provide something good (we all feel like this), it' sokay to feel like that. And maybe one day you can.

Either way, you're valid, and I love you <3

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Support your favorite trans sex workers today by paying us and buying us a gift or two to show appreciation. (Multiple that by the other 364 days a year and repeat.) ✨

available for sessions in the raleigh-charlotte area of nc get in touch with me here or my email

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Help me make payout on manyvids, with ss! #NSFW 

If someone purchases a vid worth $18+ today so I can make payout, I will give you any other vid for free of equal or lesser value!PLEASE!? 🤓 🤓 I only need $10 commission to make payout! Please !

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