Be safe out there ❤️

Gratitude shout out for amazing regulars:

- Showered
- On-time
- Pays my rate
- An absolute gent during our time together
- Leaves on time

- no Dick pics
- no Text-Speak

These guys set the bar. 💓💋💖🔥

RT The date was so boring my pussy called an

So, now I am using Signal for Text messaging amongst friends. However, it only supports one account. I need another similar app for clients who use my Google voice number. Suggestions?

I know I need to get a burner but that's not in the cards for a few wks.

ATT SW's: Now it is more important than ever before, PARTICULARLY in this industry, to hold onto your right to privacy and be informed. This guide to becoming as anonymous as possible online will take you literally 10 minutes to complete but it is worth it. Even if you are to just read how your data is used...

PLS BOOST - this will help people looking for more anonymous ways of working on the web. 💕💕

Please note that we have zero tolerance for game playing and time wasters anymore. Anyone who want to disrespect us or our time will be instantly blocked and NO LONGER welcome to book here. :)

For those who are respectful of our time and great clients, thank you so much! We appreciate you !!

Donald Trump has just signed FOSTA/SESTA into law.

@AssemblyFour will continue to stand up for a free and open internet 🖕

There's gonna be a lot of new people joining us soon! If you see someone having trouble with listings or how to use Switter, please help them out! Point them to

Please boost/share!

We're currently seeking more people (female, cis and trans, and non binary) to model for Black Swan Productions, an SF Bay Area queer sex worker- ran collective that produces activist porn based on erotic art and the empowerment of marginalized people. Email me at

I just made a $250,000.00 commitment for the development of new screening and ad sites for SW that will not cost them to post or screen.

Let you know how it goes. More to come

Updated list:

1. (I'm on)
2. (I'm on)
3. (I'm on)
4. (I'm on)
5. (in process)
6. (I'm on)
7. (I'm on -appears to be good for southern states)
8. (I'm on)

11. (kinda like backpage)
12. (like BP)
13. (pretty much BP)

Proceed w/ Caution

Sydney Stiles - Seattle's Delightful Devilette



"So in the United States I can't buy a blowjob but I can buy an assault rifle or a senator/congressman/senator/President. Nice country. Praise Jesus or something."

I'm not normally a fan of review sites, but Mr. J on TNA gets kudos for this shot across the bow of United States idiocy / hypocrisy (wretched pun intended):

"Descriptive reviews will no longer be permitted on the board. Some of you were artists with your reviews and we feel terrible that your first amendment rights are being fed to the shredder. Fear not though, you can still buy all the guns you want!"

Go me, go me!! My new site is live! Tis hosted my ExcelNode in the Netherlands and the domain is registered in the Caymans, and out was built using cPanel. Translated - fuck you /

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