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The 1st of the month is coming up.

One thing that you can do right now if you’ve been financially impacted is call ALL your bill providers & ask to defer your April payment.

Phone bill, mortgage, credit cards, student loans - many are doing so, but you *must* contact them.


702 292 7104

Every provider wants one

S uper
A wesome
C lient

How can you become a SAC?

- Read the ad/profile/website
- Find SWer that meets your desires AND budget
- Contact via preferred method
- Provide screening w/o a fuss
- Schedule more than 2hrs out
- Show up fresh of body & mouth
- Enjoy your pleasures & express appreciation
- Repeat

Being a SAC leads to a condition we call

T ake
Y our
P ants
O ff

Play time = pay time
A guide for my new/potential play mates

I’m flexible in more ways than 1😈

Cash is king
But cash app or running a card through square is great - deposits right into my hungry lil bank account within 1 business day

Or Amazon gift cards in the appropriate amt - a lady like me likes grocery delivery too

Or Visa/MC gift cards in the desired play denominations... spends just the same

Do what works for you & we can move on to more enjoyable things😉

The isolation effects of this COVID-19 situation will end, at some point. The economic tail of this, though, will persist for a while. Stay strong switter family, and I hope you are all staying afloat in these choppy emotional and financial waters. 🙏🏽💪🏽❤

If you are not in the 1% but lucky enough to still be demanding an income through this quarantine (chefs, kitchen staff, laundromat owners, fast food employees, delivery drivers, stock boys - you have inherited the world!) please help out family and friends in whatever ways you can. The 1% is already busy helping their people. We 99% must take care of each other.

There are some excellent strides being made toward getting a vaccine out, but it is going to take some time.

I am available now in Portland, Oregon, United States! To contact me, visit tryst.link/escort/mariah-coutu

I'm a very kind person, but i don't put up with bullshit at all. I will instantly block you if I feel like you're wasting my time, or if I have to repeat myself more than twice.

This virus is causing a lot of distress for the provider/SW world. I hope we all start getting some good news soon. 🙏

@easymorning True! Spring doesn't care about the quarantine. In fact as soon as I remembered that it was Spring today it got warm outside and I walked down to the beach and it was lovely and all the flowers smelled so good and I took my clothes off very slowly and danced all sultry so that the sun would remember how sexy he is when he shines like that. 🌞 :lingerie: 🧠

Elegant and ever so cruel in @Annekenordstrum@twitter.com in http://bit.ly/2H3lRCF

My profile fancentro.com/auburndelight got a new FanCentro subscriber just moments ago! :) The next moment could be yours!

Hello! It is Tuesday, and that means, for no particular reason at all, that you get to enjoy my luscious peach of an ass. You're welcome! 😘

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