I love and appreciate everyone boosting my post and understanding the community I was raised in is something to be cations of when involved in this game 💙‼️

Bring y’all ass to Wichita and bet you won’t do not one black man lol you’ll leave with nothing trusting them mfs 😂😂 please take it from somebody who’s experienced and lived here my whole life. Let’s not forget we have the most robberies and murders here. FIRST ON THE MOST DANGEROUS CITY LIST 🙄 but I been in Dallas running up a check with the black men sooo off to OKC to make some more 😘✌🏾

I’m racist because the African Americans men where I’m from give themselves a bad name 🤔

I mean I don’t knock anybody unless they try and knock me but I’m only 20 been unemployed for almost 6 months, have a crib, and car, and I haven’t lost anything🤷🏾‍♀️

So if a female is almost 30 and still doing mediocre escorting with 4 kids, no home, no car, and nothing to show for all the “bands” she get but clean clothes🤔

Hittin Dallas this weekend.. maybe some of you lovely switter people have some cool spot to check out or good restaurants

It irritates me to know that there are women actually excepting 50 or less for Q.V. or just low prices in general.. baby know your worth and add tax to that mf! YOU ARE THE CATCH

Well nobody was generous enough to help me out 😩 thanks anyways

Are any of you gentlemen sweet enough to send me 50 to help with my car bill 😌 I’ll love you forever

Hey all my lovely new followers. I appreciate you 😘

Hey sexy gents. You guys were so generous to me the last time I was here so I decided to come back THICKER and SEXIER 💋🙀 I would love to see some new faces, don’t be shy ☺️ the tight grip of my sweet juicy pussy will most definitely loosen you up💦👅 Lets play 😘

Location: Wichita kansas
Contact: 3165405667

Snap: @audiiiibaby
Cashapp: $audici345

Pussy pics: 50$
Playtime videos: 120$
Phone play: 200$

Don’t miss out!!

It’s been a couple days 😌 have you gents been enjoying yourself with all the beautiful ladies on here 🤔😏

I feel like taking a feel, where should I go to guys and gals 🤔

Hey gents, I decided to stay longer just so you ebony craving men can devour me like melting chocolate 💦🍫 Let’s do this the right way and spice some things up 😌


Location: Wichita kansas
Contact: 3167303377

Put me on a flight for this sweet pussy 😏🍫💦✈️

I am so excited on how many new followers I’ve received over the last two days 😱💓💓

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