I don't even have words for this shitshow. WTF.

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Here’s video, courtesy of @cspan@twitter.com

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Also, if you're reacting to this like "holy shit, I do this and I have to pay more attention & stop!" Since you're currently in a place of self-awareness, work on your unsolicited advice giving too. Cuz that shit's annoying AF 😉😂🤣

Read about “conversational narcissism” because odds are you do it. A lot. ---> The mistake I made with my grieving friend huffpost.com/entry/how-to-help via @HuffingtonPost@twitter.com

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This is absolutely horrific. It's also all too common.

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If you are tempted to check the tag that is trending, PLEASE be careful. I haven't seen the pic, but people are sharing it. Instead of going to the tag, here is all you need to know. PLEASE be careful of who you meet online. twitter.com/stillgray/status/1

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SCAM: Heads up folks. Our @AmericanSexPod@twitter.com email was phished from various email addresses including Directors Greg, Raymond & Fredrick; Jacob Smith; William Wooden. THIS IS A & not from the CEO of @EvilAngelVideo@twitter.com. Do not fall for this & please pass this on.

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Christina Grimmie was murdered by an obsessed fan three years ago. Another one broke into Meg Turney/Gavin Free’s home with a shotgun last year. Now, tragically, .

Thousands of women die to rejection violence every year. This is a real issue, and we cannot ignore it.

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Greaaaat. I just switched to a new @PlanetFitness@twitter.com in . One thing that's important to me is racial diversity in the attendees/staff--this one had it. Just now I see their google reviews online & there's one from someone named "Nate Higgers". Doubt that's his govt name.

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This came up in my . This was 8 years ago at just after I attempted to sprinkle some of my mother's ashes into the water. Instead, a guest of wind came and pelted the group-picture-taking family standing near me with my mother's bon… ift.tt/2jGhSDX

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How to Break the Sexual Avoidance Cycle via @AugstMcLaughlin@twitter.com ht.ly/3jDx30oU7dx

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I guess this is what they call a New York moment. After being trapped on the F for an hour because of the power outage I emerged to see dark restaurants & traffic lights, civilians directing traffic, & an evacuated Carnegie Hall concert happening in the street.

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...and so quickly too! If I can get my shit together I might start going back to the gym. Even if it's just one or two days a week, it'll help. I didn't realize how much better, stronger, and less tired I would feel getting regular exercise. It makes me want to keep going!

...last week I realized my stamina has improved so much. My heart rate stays low, I don't have to stop, and I can plow right through those inclines (in 100 degree heat to boot!). I didn't realize how much simply walking would improve my heart health and just my health health /2

I have been walking 1 to 2 miles every night about 5 nights a week for the last month or so. At first, especially on the inclines, I'd have to stop and rest. I'd be all out of breath, my heart would be beating out of my chest, and I'd have to drink a bunch of water. During the /1

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A large number of bi women get into a cycle where they mostly date men because there are more men to date, then feel anxiety about their lack of experience dating women, which fuels anxiety re: dating women, which means dating more men...


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