Do you guys ever get that feeling that LE is among us just getting a few feelings ..not that theres any reason 4 it but mmmm

@Sunny805 They are lol. On probably all sites by now. And anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional

Yeah I no it's scary I got some providers asking me if I would like to see them ..I'm like hell yes with the little brain down there but then the big brains says what just a minute...there pretty much new on here ..then profile says there in another city. But then they tell that therein my town but they never posted in there profile that there
My city mmm ?? That's scary..or what do u think?@Bonnie69

@Sunny805 I think you’re spot on and that’s why I quit following a lot of people. Especially if no interactions on profile etc.. sketchy AF

@Sunny805 I just looked. Absolutely not. I won’t post why as the same types read all this and lurk but don’t do it love. I know you and care about you

I hear you...lately I have found plenty ladies that have minimal "exposure" are popping out.

Stay law key to dodging be on the safe side

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