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To my Foot Fetish friends that like to Buy "Items" such as Shoes.... Here's a BEAUTY of a Nicely Worn set😜😜

Buy Via Paypal or Cashapp

Just email me...or maybe something else in mind😉

I had no idea you thought about me all the time 😎🤩🤣🤣🌴
Cape May👍

Thank you so much🤩❤️ I woke up to 15K. And look today is
what better way to celebrate such a wonderful day! And I'm even at the beach right NOW 😊😊😊 GOOD MORNING!!!
A morning pic and a margarita pic of course. Have a killer day kids 😎❤️

When you sit down across the very long bar and you have this whiskey selection 😎😎
What to DO

Just did 105 mph on Turkpike to Villanova.... It was a NICE change🤩

I am also a Very GOOD driver so I know what I'm doing😉

Unpopular opinion
I'm NOT a fan😳
Yeah they're pretty but they're far far too difficult to walk in. Nope
For the record I could run in heels, true story

It just doesn't look like a date 🤣🤣
Yet here we are ⏱️

Most definitely need a hoodie today 😎
and damn my hair is getting long🤩

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