‪In just 6 days time I will run the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon...just wondering if any other or are pounding the streets of London too?‬

Good morning to all you Thank you for being who you are!!!

Good morning, blue sky today yay!!
Have a lovely day everywhere!!

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@lolahunt weird...nah, just the average weekend 😂

Happy Easter - May it be full of your favourite kinks!!

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Whoops, I broke www.switter.at when we moved servers last night. It is now redirecting properly. Please let people know if they've been seeing page involving "nginx"!

Please Boost <3

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If you feel the guidelines and community rules are stifling you and are censoring you, then no-one is forcing you to be here - although you ARE trying to force your content on others without their consent.

No-one is preventing you publishing it.
Several of us are asking you to be considerate and tag it appropriately so that other instances and other users can choose to see it or not.

Consent is vital in SW. I see no reason why it should be any different online.

4/ End of rant.

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Some people seem to be determined to get this instance isolated by simply ignoring some common sense suggestions about controlling the publishing of content.

TBH if thats what you want, go somewhere else, Mastodon is not for you.

This platform gives you the chance to operate a shop window while controlling the access others have to your content to protect minors and others and being considerate of other communities.


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You have the opportunity to set up a fantastic 'shop window'
But some people seem to be determined to get it closed down by other communities, just because it's their wish to blast their version of what they want to publish and force it onto everyone else.

Content warnings and sensitive content settings do NOT stop you publishing anything.

But they do mean that those who dont want to see them dont get it forced on them. They need to actively change their own settings or click through.


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Right now, we're only on day 3 of Switter.
I've been here since there were only about 100 users on the first morning and I certainly don't speak for everyone. I'm only a user not an admin and I'm not involved in any of the wider Mastodon communities.
BUT I am finding the attitude of some users on here totally inexplicable.

Other media are being closed to you. A group has made this instance available to use. But its part of a wider community - just like real life is.


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Today I just whish to be pissed on and instructed to count the strokes... 😗

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Hey guys! Just a quick note. Switter is NOT based in the US. Our servers are OUTSIDE the US and we are ensuring that Switter won't be effected by SESTA/FOSTA. We are using a CDN for safety which is what many sites also use. Please spread this. There is a lot of misinformation going around.

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💋 Wank & ReTOOT Mistress sending some virtual support & to all you consenting & autonomous individuals! 💩 Follow Me @ switter.at/@Mistresspomf 💋

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