I’m on my way UP....

And it’s about to go DOWN‼️

CharleneLove.com ~ The neighbors are about to know my name

Hi Switterhearts,
Happy non humping day (for me 🤦‍♀️) 😂. Have a most fabulistic day loves 💋🥰🤗😘💗

Here’s a bit of food porn for you guys out there....especially @BrienneHarris ! Pan seared lamb chops with asparagus, red onions and mushrooms. Plus sautéed spaghetti squash with garlic and rosemary!

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Do you really need another reason to get lucky?
of at your service baby 🎲🎲

As a matter fact yes I have 😉

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Have you ever slept with someone you work with ?

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⚠️⚠️Please block and report⚠️⚠️

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Nails done, make up on look like a drag queen slumber party over here💗👄💄👠💅

💋Dam my lipsticks all perfect then I'm going to have to put a mask on when I go in the store🤷‍♀️

@BrienneHarris Rose is the color of spring!💗Thank you for my beautiful bowl of rose quartz. It's basking in the light of the new moon in my garden bed right now giving love to my little baby sprouts. Rose quartz is for love, friendship, and affection. It inspires the heart! (((💗I love you💗)))

Feeling very empowered, sexy and magical with my gifts from a very special new suitor. My deepest gratitude for adorning me and inspiring my mind. I look forward to when we meet. I know ours will be sacred and lasting. ❤🖤

Happy Weekend Sexy Peeps 💖💖

First of all many apologies for my absence, I am fine but my mom injured her back about 10 days ago, then managed to fall over last week injuring it some more so I took the cat and went to look after her 😘💖

This site is actually restricted on my moms WiFi so accessing the site wasn't possible (or any porn sites) 💖

I arrived home yesterday evening & I will be back posting, but just catching up with you all until then 💖💖💖

Love, Louse 💋💋💋

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There is no weapon in the feminine armory which men are so vulnerable to as they are to a smile.

Here’s mine 😁 ~

@BrienneHarris ❤ I love my pussy...er... my prezzy💗. I love my auto correct too! It knows me. Thank you so much. You brightened my day, polished my heart sweet sister. I've tried to post a picture like 16 times but it just won't post right now. 🤷‍♀️❤Most of all I want to thank you. and give you a huge virtual heart to heart hug. 🤗💗🤗

🌸🌼🌺🌷It's a beautiful sunny day and I feel healthy🌸🌷⚘🌼

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