And for those who have asked, I will be touring the east coast in March, and again in May and June 🌸

Hoping to see the Pacific Northwest in April🏔️

Happy Veteran’s Day Switterloves. 🥰.

Thank you for all you do to protect us.

Good morning Switterhearts 🥰
I got my ProtonMail back 😁.
Phishing victim 🤦‍♀️ Be careful.

* Email:

This is where you can send me a little intro and I’ll send back screening info requested.



Thanks loves 😘. Still waiting to hear from you. 🤗

Why does Switter look so plane today? What the heck is going on??? 😱

Who wants to come be lavished with pleasure? @Sexmagickkitten is the purrr to my grrr. Two frisky kittens want to play! All day Saturday in booking starts now! 💗(831)205-oh779
Don't be shy

Wine part 3!

You make it all the way to dessert - unbuckle you’re belt and let’s talk wine for pies, cheesecake and cakes

Everyone thinks ports, moscato or a demi-sec sparkling (very sweet). Those are all great but are meant to be served with a cheese plate style dessert or alone. Their pretty heavy and too sweet to really be a good counterpoint to pie or cake.

So what does go? Dry sparkling (brut) and a few big reds like:

Petite Syrah

The wine recs are coming!

Wine talk part 2

So for mains on TDay the classics of Chardonnay or Merlot (I know, “No fucking Merlot!”) are standards - enough flavor to play well with the varied rich foods but still light enough not to crush the meal.
Other good choices for whites:

Grüner Vetliner

Pinot noir

The balance and play of flavors go well with a varied, coursed meal like Thanksgiving

💦💦💦🌺Omg! I just created a series of the most beautiful geysers🌺💦💦💦

I'm DianneRN Holistic Professional & Love Coach Empowering Business Owners & Professional Men to DeStress ReEnergize Restore Love & Intimacy into their Lives


I work online & in person with men worldwide.
Let's get you back on track!

Location: Ohio
Contact: 330-776-8144

At the Toyota dealership thinking to myself... there sure are a lot of toyotas here.

@Gnizeguy ❤🙏Thank you!!!! It was so exciting to come home to prezzies today❤ Looking forward to playing with these...and you💋

Good morning switter kittens ☕☕ 💗
May there be lots of money and cosmic rippling orgasms flying around the switterverse!💫✨

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