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Want a custom vid from me? I’m making them all afternoon!

I will not talk about politics during sessions for a while bc I’m too Ethnically Spicy for that shit right now

I was so hungry I didn’t realize until I was finishing the sandwich that I accidentally put icing on it instead of ranch

I can’t talk about politics here because you really don’t want to hear the endless scream at the void

If you do all of this after me saying I have undergone a minor medical procedure and am too weak today, I’m going to put you on the black list so hard your name is written in radioactive ink

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Additionally, if I say β€œnot at all possible” and you go to the meeting place we agreed on and WAIT FOR THREE HOURS you have reached Probably Going to Stalk Me territory

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If a girl says β€œsorry, but I physically Cannot today”, it is not cute to beg for a meeting that same day, ESPECIALLY if she was just wanting to reschedule rather than cancel. If that person happens to be disabled and you keep pushing, you have veered into Creep Territory

Missing a text/call/meeting bc you were getting dicked down: Being Cockupied

Fun fact: if I have an overnight, I WILL sleep for a week. Maybe I should have a Recovery Mode image as my pinned tweet when I’m out of it?

I’m now taking appointments for next week! Visit my south seattle incall, or set one up elsewhere for an upcoming date!

Girls with meaty pussies: how do you handle all of this pressure stimulation? πŸ₯΅πŸ˜­

Do I have to have a cosplay prepared before I can change my display name to Sexy Midoriya? Asking for a friend

If you’re a Seattle area SWer who has been wanting an incall cat, I’ll have kittens matured around new year!

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