Just a friendly reminder - Since we’ve all gotten in the habit of encrypted email with ProtonMail, PLEASE start using Signal for encrypted texting. We all just want everyone to be safe!!! Please Boost!


I don't like signal.. it requires a phone to sign up, and does not accept certain voip.

I've like wire.

Keybase looks good.

Bitmessage is not ready from prime useage, but is the only true way.

If it's important use pgp.

However with strong encryption, It is more attached to you in a way, unless you "accidentally" post your private keys some where public, not much plausable deniability.

@Staley06 Exactly! Ask your clients and friends to do so as well. It is the best secure messaging app that exists today.

Key features:
* Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted. No one can read your messages.
* Keep your chat history tidy with messages that you can set to disappear.
* Send group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages.
* Make voice and video calls.

Just fyi, its only encrypted if the other person is using signal also.

@Jasot0501 Yes. That’s why we’re pushing everyone to use it. Thanks for your feedback!

@Staley06 WhatsApp seems to be the best at text,files, pics, and calls. I would try it because it is one time point to point and wipes the key when you hangup

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