As someone who had been on switter from the beginning...
Sometimes it's hard to stay on switter for more than 5-10 min.

It used to be tons of fun ...maybe even addicting because there were so many people interacting and having fun.

You don't see anymore interesting convo threads
Majority of the really interesting people have either retired or switched over to twitter.
No more shout outs... Etc

Fake pages... & Lurkers... Seem to run this site now👎🏾

Switter has truly changed. 😔

...days like this I miss Cali and it’s thrills

...I’m going through California withdrawals. VAs cool and it’s home but I miss being out west out of the way and away from the responsibilities of family and their needs. Never the less I’ll adjust over time I’m sure.

..the moments I miss Cali usually center around how slow VA is. Smh... I need a vacation already!!

Good morning @sweet_ebonygoddess it’s been a little while. I’m sure all is going well!! Just stopping bye to say hello! ✌🏾&❤️

I’m gonna take a nap, then run out for a quick sec the knock out a few boxes

...tired. Over the rain and everything. Maybe I should’ve invited some company. 🤷🏾‍♂️

The wind gusts just woke me up killing the dream I was having

Gonna take this nap.. wake up and hit Pappadeaux!!!

Giving me the 😈will get u a good time. Proceed with caution lol.

...I literally have three weeks left. Earth please slow your roll lol. TX what’s up 👀

...I don’t care what happens between now and tomorrow say 7.. but at 715 I’m getting me some Pappadeauxs while
I’m in town!!

We need more men like him today! A man of courage, intelligence and humanity! I respect Dr King so much and all that he stood for! We need to never forget his wisdom and sacrifice! He gave his life for the growth of our collective soul! ❣️ :heart_bi: ❣️ :heart_bi: ❣️

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