You know you are not in CA aymore when you see live baby chicks and turkeys in the local grocery store😲

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My little vacay is almost over. Today i went for a ride on my brother in law's Fat Boy. No helmet law is IL so i went bareback 🤣 🤣

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This really blows. Instead of being on day 3 of my long awaited Maui vacation, I am sitting at home Swittering with all you good folks. In the current tradition of all the fake profiles here lately I think I will post some fake vacation pics for you to enjoy🤣 🤣 🤣

What the hell. I'll try it too.
Hey there suckers. You can call me Jen. I'm a mature hot new provider here and I am 100% legit. You can fuck me bare and all you want. Check out my real pics and send me a deposit in the amount of 90% of my hour donation of $500. For a deposit of $750 you can have a doubles session with my friend Ri. Just send that deposit to my account at Bank of Frauds. Acct

Helped handout another 461 free lunches today. First warm day amd actually broke a sweat. My volunteer gig almost seemed like a real job today. That's no fun🤣

Helped hand out another 457 lunches today. It's free to any community members. Many school districts are doing this throughout CA. I am in Placer County. If times are tight you should be able to get at least 1 meal a day for your kids. 👍

Today to help pass time and to help out my community I helped pass out over 450 school lunches that our district has been providing for free. I'll be helping all week

Dam. Get here 30 min before store opens and still a big ass line. 😲
Time to do some Swittering😀

This shit needs to end ASAP!!!
Ladies, we need ya bad🤣 🤣 🤣

If kids at my campus would have known a month ago what the street value of 5000 feet of toilet paper would be today, they probably wouldn't have done such stupid shit. Who am I kidding, high school kids are pretty fucking stupid🤣 🤣

Dam. This is the 1st time I've face this at my local Sam's club. Got there 5 minutes before it opened.
Waited in line for 20 minutes only to find out they didn't have what I needed and I never went in. WTF. I thought the hoarding was over

Dam. The tp and paper towel section of my local Sams club in N Cal. Plenty of food and water though so that is good✌️

Well I am almost embarrassed to say this considering my gloomy exit from here 6 months ago but dam, miracles do happen and this bad boy as well as several tests over the past month show that I am cancer free again for now. This past Sept Dr's gave me about a 5% chance of pulling through but somehow and with a lot of help from many specialist I have been given another chance. I'm thinking of having me a hot girl summer once I get my strength back😀

UMM yea. What's the odds of this being a real account. Smoking hot woman who's posts say she is in San Diego on Friday, New Jersey on Saturday, New York on Sunday and then Bam, back in Oakland on Monday and heading to Dallas tomorrow. She just sent me a follow request. Don't think I'm falling for this honey🤣 58 other people have. I guess an ass like this makes people not use their brain.

I've said it before and it's worth repeating but I don't know how this lady does it all but she is truly a model of professionalism here. Beautiful woman, fair rates, never complaining and always posting sexy content sharing her Rock Star lifestyle and still making time for a quick chats with her many admirers.
Cheers to you Miss @SexyVanessaInk1000

I usually send out a 😘 and a 🤗 to women for the follow but in this case and I must send out a special message to this incredible woman @misstaylorjuggs . A motorboat loving mans wet dream for sure.🤣 🤣

Thank you for the follow to this SF bay area lil seductress @TiffanyMeeow . Kittens are so cute. I shall return the kind gesture😘

Thank you to these two lovely Lilies of the garden for the follow.
Miss @Sflily now based in Sacramento and Miss @Misslilly who comes to us from Sin City but travels the country. You 2 have a wonderful week. 😘 😘

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