UMM yea. What's the odds of this being a real account. Smoking hot woman who's posts say she is in San Diego on Friday, New Jersey on Saturday, New York on Sunday and then Bam, back in Oakland on Monday and heading to Dallas tomorrow. She just sent me a follow request. Don't think I'm falling for this honey🤣 58 other people have. I guess an ass like this makes people not use their brain.

I've said it before and it's worth repeating but I don't know how this lady does it all but she is truly a model of professionalism here. Beautiful woman, fair rates, never complaining and always posting sexy content sharing her Rock Star lifestyle and still making time for a quick chats with her many admirers.
Cheers to you Miss @SexyVanessaInk1000

I usually send out a 😘 and a 🤗 to women for the follow but in this case and I must send out a special message to this incredible woman @misstaylorjuggs . A motorboat loving mans wet dream for sure.🤣 🤣

Thank you for the follow to this SF bay area lil seductress @TiffanyMeeow . Kittens are so cute. I shall return the kind gesture😘

Thank you to these two lovely Lilies of the garden for the follow.
Miss @Sflily now based in Sacramento and Miss @Misslilly who comes to us from Sin City but travels the country. You 2 have a wonderful week. 😘 😘

Well my 10 spring break is over. Gotta go back to the classroom today👨‍🏫 At least it's Titty Tuesday to keep my spirits up. Thank you to these lovely Switthearts for the follow.
As always I will follow back and boost you up when I can.

It's 4 am on the west coast and insomnia has its grip on me. Good Morning to all the east coast ladies and good night to all over here. Hope you all have a safe and productive Thirsty Thursday.

Sending out a hug and a 😘 to this thick, juicy, young hottie Miss @honey_jar122 . Thank you for the follow. Your sexy pics make me dream of this.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely Switthearts.
Saying hello from my room with a view in lovely Santa Cruz.

Enjoying day 5 of my 10 day thankgiving break with a little guilty pleasure. Can women get any sexier than Queen Salma as a vampire

Thank you to the lovely
Miss @MsZoeyAnnorah for being my 200'th follower. She is a Cali woman who also travels a bunch.
I would like to thank all the lovely Switthearts who follow me. I always follow back and try to boost ever toot I come across. Im sending out hugs and kisses to you all

Just got back from the gym.. Free weights for 90 min then set a new PR on the rower. Averaged over 215 meters a minute for 30 straight. I love it when a new lady says you're in good shape, do you work out?

Been away for a bit. Come back to the same ol shit💩 Did a search for the Sac area and half of the posts are fake, bots or scammers. I will only boost and support those that I 100% know are real. We should all do the same.
There seems to be a lot of drama also. The holiday season is always slow and it seems to be fostering a bit of ill will amongst the hunters and the Switthearts. Funds are tight and priorities have changed so people are fighting for their spot on the life boat. Be cool✌️

I have a question for the ladies if you don't mind. Those of you who have worked as a exotic dancer does the house take a cut of your earnings and if so, how much. Seems like the $ is made so much quicker and easier if you got the looks, body and talent.

Well @BethanyBell your prose is just too good. Another lady had lifted your ad word for word. Makes a person wonder if anything about the copied ads are real. @Momilliee
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Hell yea. So nice to see this lovely lady repping Monster Energy front and center at a Nascar race victory lane.

Well another beautiful woman from Texas has followed me and that makes the magic 100. Thank you to the lovely @Anjele for getting me to the century mark. I'm opinionated, sometimes talk too much and never shy from a debate but deep down I am a good guy on here and respect all that you lovely ladies do for us.
As promised long ago to the beautiful @xLexcLoveex that if I ever reached 100 I would post a dick pic so here you go. Try not to be scared ladies LOL. 😘

I can tell this is going to be a very lovely day on here. Thank you all you beautiful women for the gorgeous 4'th of July Pics.


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