Well folks, it's been fun but my time has come to say goodbye. I have not posted here for a while and have left a lot of DM's unanswered. The truth is cancer has it's grip on me and I'm not gonna win this time so I'm going out with a song that I have loved since I first heard it when I was 5. It touched me so much that I named my daughter Michelle 25 years later. I asked her to promise that she will to play it at my memorial. Take care all. ✌️

@Snatchsingle 😱....

I had no idea- I’m so so so sorry
Your presence has touched those who followed you, and enlightened by your toots...

Hug/👊🏼 now and always, miss you brother 😢

@Snatchsingle 😢💙💘 wow, I am at a loss of words. You have always been and always will be amazing. Be with the ones you love most ❤

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