@Thestroker37 hey where are you located ? Your profile is blank. Add some info so you can connect with girls in your city 😊

My grandad -a real state developer- used to joke "You know what's the different between a mob boss and a real state developer? That at least they have some sense of honor"

That is why I would never, ever trust Trump

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Those who understand deductive reasoning.

Cum see me now! Available all day in ‭(408) 393-0558‬ text now to book your appointment

$300 of my rent money was stolen from me from a trusted friend. So far I know it’s $300 but I am not sure if there was anything else stolen. I fell really hurt my bad knee. I’m having a really bad week 😭😩
All dates this week and content bought would be super helpful. My knee hurts but I am still functioning.
Also please boost the fuck out of my toots. Every little bit helps.

Always find a way to talk about the future without feeling locked into an outcome.

@EmilyParker No. We don't allow reviews. There was a rumor going around last week so we're going to write this into our COC's later.

Using Snapchat for all my videos/pictures

If you would like to subscribe monthly membership $50
Lifetime membership $150


RT appreciated💙

If you didn’t know, Switter does have rules.

We use these to moderate the site. They may not be yet perfect, but they exist to make switter a great place for all sex workers.

You can read them at:


(@AssemblyFour is the company behind @switter )

new here and trying to figure this out! Available tomorrow in Emeryville, CA for companionship!

hi guys! This is Chanelle Marie from Seattle, Washington. If you would like to meet please email me at chanellemarie25@protonmail.com

RT @DoctorSue@twitter.com: CONFIRMED: They ARE pulling SW's out of Las Vegas casino's 10 & 20 at a time. This has been confirmed by security personnel. If you are in Vegas I would stay away from the casinos.

For every 50 followers I get on here, I’ll post a nude. Get to it 👅

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