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When contacting a provider don't text "what's up" as if we're automatically supposed to know who you are or what you want I just ignore those kind of messages just a fyi

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PSA.... your paying for my time and time ONLY!! What we do during that time is our business. I don't appreciate explicit text email or phone conversation. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FINAL WARNING DONT DO IT!!!!!

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So I'm not sure why you guys feel you don't have to be screened so let me make this VERY clear if you haven't saw me YOU MUST BE SCREENED please don't tell me what other girls do that's not what I do

And there it is back on lock down 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I just want side cars and crab cakes

Watching my fav show Deadliest Catch this show always has me in the edge of my seat it's soooooooo good

How many just wanna go sit down eat without a mask I mean I totally understand why we have to wear them but you can't blame a gal for just wishing 🤭🤭

It's crazy as soon as you think the world will be back to normal california gets hit with more restrictions

But it is fabulous out today definitely beach weather but so many people are there no space to be socially distant

Is this the beginning of great weather?! Wait, let me not get excited rain will come out of no where one day 🙄😂

This weather is something else woke up to rain now it's very beautiful out

I've been sleep all day now I'm just up lol who's up with me

This is the most I've been in my house since I've moved here I think I've cleaned the same places three times today boredom is killing me

Shocked I actually got into traffic today it actually felt good it was like a sense of normal for twenty mins lol

But glad to hear California is improving and will be opening in the near future

Woke up to great weather can't wait until things are back to normal

Avocado and what else for breakfast maybe some egg whites and blackberries on the side 😋 new me new body in the works

I appreciate the messages but unfortunately I won't be seeing any new feiends until after the quarantine has ended however returning friends are still welcome to visit 😊

Excited about my new body I've been taking pictures but not posting I wanna do a whole collage of my transformation

Just another Friday night at home bored don't mind me o wait we're all in the same boat right now 😔😔🖕

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