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Thinking about backups... 

I think having a backup communications channel with all the great folks on here is a great idea, especially if you're US based, and bonus if it's encrypted end to end, like Protonmail.

If I send you an connection request, please do consider joining. It seems to me that names don't have to stay the same on different networks, either.

If the US goes sillier, be defiant, stay safe, and stay connected.

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As I notice 4 being more common, but conflated with browsing and vetting being much less reliable and easy, it's been months.

Trust issues? Unit cost? Not sure why, but as I'm saving up for something, I suppose there's a silver lining there. Still...I do miss the non-disappointing intimacy, exemplified by my ATF.

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Hm, when my ATF was around and with my GF'ed rate, three visits and 6 per month seemed about the upper limit of my unexamined budgetary comfort zone. That went up and down in frequency, of course, but for years. When my ATF retired, 3 became more common, and I noticed that I was much closer to one visit a month, as most of those visits were disappointing in one way or another.


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I used to think of D as my favorite largest cup size. Any larger, and--of the ladies I was seeing on the websites on which I was browsing--other aspects of their beauty would tend to excite me less. lady with DDs had postings and pics totally inspired me.

Since then, cup sizes DD, DDD, E, F, G, H all capture my imagination.

I haven't yet managed to have the chance to meet the lady who opened my eyes/mind/...heart(?), but I hope to.

Thinking thankfully of her today.

One should ALWAYS read ALL boards, reviews, etc when considering a companion.
It's detrimental to your experience.
Know who you are interacting with, know what their past includes because ones personality doesn't normally change. Rehabilitation is possible, but rare. What one does to another they WILL typically do again.
Real truth is there, just find it. has some really good info, The Erotic Review, GrainbeltNews.
Always do your homework! Girls and guys BOTH!

Contact tracing is an essential weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Affected New Yorkers should have the assurance that the sensitive information they provide to stop the virus's spread will not be shared with law enforcement or immigration officials.

EFF stood up for the anonymity of security researchers who published links between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank. We’re glad to report that the court upheld their First Amendment rights.

I am available now in Little Rock, United States!

Dick me down, boys. I got a wet, juicy pussy that can't get enough cock in it. I like it when you fuck me hard.


Government monitoring of social media informs an increasing number of decisions the government makes about our civil liberties. Your experience could help shape new research from @BrennanCenter.

California: Tell Governor Newsom that A.B. 2004 won't help us fight the pandemic. It is opportunism at its worst.

Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act of 2020 bans federal use of face surveillance and withholds some federal tax dollars from paying for it at the state and local level. Tell your elected officials to cosponsor this bill and vote Yes!

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Don't wanna get your content removed for breaking the rules, but don't know what fetishes are allowed on which sex worker content platform? Send a HUGE THANK YOU to for this extremely helpful graphic! I use it so frequently because there's SO MUCH to keep track of!

And they’re talking about opening schools!
I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the schools will be closed in less than one month after opening.

I pray that none of the kids parents have underlying health conditions and the children have a speedy recovery.

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🌟 The full package here stunning looks, beautiful personality, and mind blowing skills. Don't miss out with mediocre when you can have top notch quality. 🏆
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Good morning Switterhearts 🥰.

It’s been very frustrating for me to come onto our platform and see only fakes in the feed.

We need to all stand together to report and block these fake accounts.

I’m having a hard time finding my friends and legit ladies to boost.

Please help us get rid of all the fakeness.

Angel 😇😘

Sex during a pandemic can be risky. Here’s how to do it safely.
In a commentary published in early May in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, a group of doctors at Harvard Medical School highlighted the need to talk to patients about sex during COVID-19.

“NYC jumped on the sex talk early in the pandemic, releasing a PDF of guidance for the public.”

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