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"Bay Area sex workers: if someone texts you claiming to be a nonprofit or advocacy group and asks you for any information do not give it to them until you vet them. Antis and law enforcement are not known to be honest and this information could put you in danger. Plz signal boost"

Reposted from Twitter

We were given information about a
client targeting sex workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you'd like this information for your personal screening, please DM us here or email"

A good background on Kamala Harris and her history of opposing sex work. Though she did state she supports consensual sex work she has done nothing of substance to back it up and has caused great harm to our community in the past. I hope she will do better moving forward.

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Both the Proud Boys + Jack Posobiec, recently outed as having connections to white nationalist and anti-Semitic parties in Europe as well as to the Alt-Right, have been promoting a fake "ANTIFA Manual" in an attempt to sow division with #BlackLivesMatter.


Are you a sex worker in Ireland? Currently working sex workers in Ireland are central to the review of the law. We need your input and we have a way in which you can submit to the review of the law anonymously. Contact us on to find out how.

Porn guy, or predatory fan who wants to break into the industry to boink all his favorite performers?

The difference can be hard to spot...

Looking in for some sweet nectar to drink! I know we're all looking to stay healthy, but I can't keep away from drinking some squirt!

So far, nearly all of the "gals" who have boosted and favorited my previous toot have been scammers. Aren't there any real gals out here?

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Unsolicited dick pics get reported for targeted harassment & blocked.

Just FYI.

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