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"SW! I've put together an ebook with loads of info, advice, tips, and tricks on how to survive your first year. It's a Google drive file, so I'm also constantly adding to it and you'll always have access to it. Dm me or cashapp me with your email in the notes."

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Compassion Fatigue is usually used in the "other" SW- but I do find it highly relevant to this one.
Especially since we are holding space for people during a crisis.
If you are feeling this way- you aren't alone. <3

(At) transneedles on Insta is offering a free yrs supply of syringes for HRT & $ for black trans ppl in need. DM them for more info Im just reposting this from queer exchange on fb.

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A beloved Harm Reduction &BLM activist in Philly has been raided &is being held on federal charges. A gofundme has been made for legal defense.

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The GoFundMe is up and running. Any amount of contributions would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏼
Also, marking contributions as anonymous is also probably a good idea for anyone who doesn’t need their name on a public web page right now.

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pLEASE friends with onlyfans or if you are a sex worker online be careful cuz there are people out there like this

this is just some shit @/professwillhelm posted and its fucking crazy
(Their screenshots are attached)

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D O N A T E 🙏 D O N A T E 🙏 to using Venmo SurvivedandPunished or FreeLiyah. Let’s help Liyah win her freedom✊ after almost 2 yrs of ICE detention😭 Minimum bond will be $1,500& can be 4x’s as much.
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