My Erotica, my life, memories of loves I had💞.

If you're seeking and , I am the right company for you.

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Your love and support 💸 are highly appreciated.


I wonder...

After so many months of work I'm still and in need to ask for .

I must be doing . Does my content have any value for this "corner" of media called Switter?
Guess I'm the !


Still in creative mood... I have so many ideas I don't even want to go to sleep!


I'm not a bimbo, don't speak "boobs and right or left" language 😉... a damn "valid explanation" for my so many "why/s"



So here I am, on Medium... at least a hope my lines will be read and even get paid for them


💙 🤣

Had my rant... now I'm happy. I'm a woman after all, needed to speak my mind 😊

Have a lovely evening y'all!


Support Creators, they are the soul of this world. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to make them feel appreciated!

Some lovely eCards Collections in my LovingLife shop, minimalist designs, standard postcard size, PNG format: Black & White, Blue and Pink.

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Other three Collections in my SoulsOnRainbows Shop: Classic, Modern and Old Photo Style.


Alas, no room enough in my shops for my Hand-drawing & Romantic eCards Collections. Buy me a Gold Membership so that I can unlock some extra creators’ features and showcase more of my beautiful creations there.

If you like my pages and my works, you may show your appreciation donating a few coffees so that I can keep going forward and grow as a creator. Encourage me a bit!

🤣 😊

Now that I've been in "esoteric mood" on Medium, I should come back to a more "Earthly" one 😉... so, my THIGHS please, tell me, which one is sexier, left or right?


Please visit my Ko-fi shop to support what I do! ko-fi.com/lovinglife/shop

New items added to my shop 😂!
If you like what I do, you may soon commission your own ones!



I'm way behind with my rent.
I can't re-schedule, and I have deadlines!

Visit my shop, commission me, donate via my Ko-fi page


Any little support is highly appreciated ❤️.



Oh my, not even one single "coffee" for me... nor on Valentine's Day or now 💔. So hard to be a mom and dad in the same time in these crazy times 😓


LovingLife added a new item to their Ko-fi Shop. ko-fi.com/s/8226ef06ac

Trying to add to my items, didn't know how, just got this idea. Working now to update what's in store already, then for what I've planned 4 this weekend

Next week


LovingLife added a new item to their Ko-fi Shop. ko-fi.com/s/b415fcc469

Second item got its all three choices as well.
I'll be back when all will be done.

Enjoy your Friday, y'all!


Please visit my Ko-fi shop to support what I do! ko-fi.com/lovinglife/shop

Done updating my shop. All posters have now three choices. I'll try this weekend some poem posters, as well 😊




Making progress, but still behind with , no re-schedule possible, having to meet!

Visit my shop, commission me, via my Ko-fi page


Any little is highly appreciate 💗.


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My first erotic poem in my Ko-fi Shop now, a lovely poster in two choices.


"My Fires"
Enjoy 😍!


"Yearning"... how life makes us yearn for what we're missing, desires never leaving our hearts and bodies...



Memories of love... in all corners of our lives, on walls of quiet rooms, wrinkles on a white bed linen, little shadows at sunsets...




The Woman, her body, her heart... a nest of joys and love! The right way of living together 💞

"The Nest", My Erotica, in my



Three stanzas from the shortest : 3, 5 and 9. Meaningful lines written thousand years ago. Stop from your for a while and read them, then meditate a bit Thought balloon




Now that I've uploaded some items in my shop, guess I should create an album in my gallery with them, too.

I'm not tired at all though I should be in bed already 🤪 When it comes about my passion, my body can sleep in the chair, and my eyes get misty...But my heart is "awake" 🙃 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣


My album in my Gallery, my work of these last three days. Wish I could have done more, but creation is not something one can rush or estimate in time. Enjoy 😍 🤗!


❤️ 🙏 💞 ❤️


Three quotes of Dante in my now, in Italian and English! Well, my translation, according to my heart 😊 😂


If you’d like design changes for the items in the , you may contact me through the feature.

❤️ Looking for !

As most creators, and not only, I need help during these crazy times. I'm still behind with my rent, and having deadlines!

I invite you to visit my page, my shop, read my posts, wander through my gallery.

If you like what I do or you have the resources, please, consider supporting me a bit and donate via my Ko-fi page



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