Had a delicious romp with a fellow spandex fetishist, such a sublimely sexy time!

RT @KateDAdamo@twitter.com: Want to come to DC for the Sex Worker Lobby Day on June 1? I just sent out a big ol' info email to everyone who signed up (& got a handful of bounce backs.) If you didn't get it, sign up here & I'll forward! goo.gl/forms/cyOYGu0Xh1mhWd6M2
🐦🔗: twitter.com/KateDAdamo/status/

Shoutout those who put through FOSTA/SESTA - here's a big bag of dicks love from all of us at Switter :bagofdicks: We've just hit 70,000 members

Support our sex worker advocacy organizations in Sacramento, as they speak out about a horrendously cruel bill that would make it a FELONY to give outreach supplies to sex workers

ATTENTION: SB1204 in Sacramento MUST BE STOPPED. This bill would make offering outreach services sand safety supplies to sex workers a FELONY!! Regardless of whether you live in CA, sign the opposition!! sb1204.typeform.com/to/gTErBn

RT @PaceSociety@twitter.com: Need Support? PACE addresses need for sex workers to access mental-health resources free from . Connect with us: lindsay@pace-society.org straight.com/life/1015906/pace @georgiastraight@twitter.com

Got my tax return! For those seeking a tax preparer who is familiar with adult entertainment, I recommend filing with @SafewordTax@twitter.com. Worth the investment. safewordtax.com/


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