Is anyone else experiencing a problem where they do not get a notification for anything - new followers, “toots”, etc?

@SaucedSquid never changed anything, but updated to “send email” for everything - will see what happens. It was weird, I was getting notifications first time in here and then updated my profile with picture and bio and now I don’t get notifications

@Niceguy__az @SaucedSquid are the notifications showing up in your notification timeline?

@chicagobigben @SaucedSquid when I first joined I had a small blue dot on my notifications when there were people who followed me - now there is no blue dot and I just have to click on the bell to see if anyone followed me, “toot” at me, etc

@Niceguy__az @SaucedSquid not sure what you mean by a small blue dot on your notifications. what app are you using?

I'm using mastalab on Android and I get a number of new entries and notifications. I change the preference so I don't get emails, or sound alarms...

@SaucedSquid @chicagobigben I am using Amaroq - first time I saw an indicator on the notifications and there were followers, but now I don’t get anything - I have to search to see I got this message or followers

@Niceguy__az @SaucedSquid I haven't used amaroq much, but i just turned on notifications for it. i'll see what happens and let you know.

@Niceguy__az @SaucedSquid notifications are working for me in amaroq.
make sure notifications are on both in the iOS Settings app under notifications, and in the amaroq app in it's app settings.

@chicagobigben @SaucedSquid they are already checked in the application and I don’t have any other option but to block or receive emails in here

@Niceguy__az @SaucedSquid if they're checked in the app, but not in the iOS Settings app, then the notifications won't get sent.

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