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Ok, let's try this...

You're in prison.
Use the first 7 people in list:

Partner in crime:
Reports you:
Bails you out:
Psycho near you:
Cell mate:

Day 5... Man these tweets are getting boring... I hope all this is over soon, because I don't see my self going beyond 10...

So the space shuttle initially was much smaller and part of a two component system (space shuttle and a space station). But Nixon cancelled the space station so we ended with a shuttle to nowhere 1/

Day 4 without Marcellus and you know what... he is actually right. You cannot say something nice or do a nice gesture without people jumping on your throat or complaining....

Hi all. If you miss Marcellus, please write a small note in this thread. We don't know if he will read them or not but with so much negativity lately I think I nice thread is in order. Please RT.

Ok... This is serious... When do you ladies started puberty? My girl is 10 as she is pre-puberty stage.... We talked about it, we read books and all but still... I'm freaking out...

This is day 2 of Twitter without . Take care of yourself you magnificent bastard

This is day 1 without ... If you know him please tell him that the ocean is a pretty big lonely place without him...

I was expecting a goddess,but instead I met a wonderful, tender funny woman. You blew my mind, I wish time would stop in an embrace.

Guess what! There are angels in heaven! 😍😍😈😈😍😍

Got to my workshop,so now I need to find a secluded seat to keep looking at SWitter....

So I'm going to shut down all lights and pretend I'm not here... Have a good night all...

So.... Tomorrow I'm going to heaven! *wink* *wink*

So...I think the guy close to me is checking SWitter... Is there some kind of secret handshake among clients?

Ok this hotel is not so good.... Wish me luck, and just remember (in case I don't make it to tomorrow) that I love you all (except the stupid trolls, go suck a lemon)

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