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Cummings has admitted:

* Returning to work initially despite his wife displaying Covid symptoms
* Driving to Durham despite stay at home orders
* Visiting Barnard Castle, and stopping to play in a wood despite stay at home orders

Yet he still claims he didn’t break any rules

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I feel sorry for that Professor who lost his job for shagging during the lockdown. He should've just said he was worried his penis had stopped working and he wanted to double check.

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We know that the government’s actions have made it seem like the rules no longer apply.

So don’t follow the guidelines for them.

Please do it for the NHS instead - and for your family.

And we will get through this together - with or without those in power.

Thank you x

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We’re absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson has put protecting Dominic Cummings above the health of this country

Please RT if you are too

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I couldn’t quite believe this was real... but it apparently is 😳

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"There's a second ticking time bomb, say ministers. They fear a member of the public may file a complaint to Durham police alleging Cummings broke the Health Protection Regulations - which the police would be obliged to investigate"

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I’m fucking apoplectic with rage. Never in my life have I wanted to take to the streets so much and demonstrate my anger and frustration at this dreadful, shameful, shit eating government.
But I can’t, because I’m still sticking to YOUR FUCKING RULES.

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First question for Mr Johnson has to be this: 'What childcare did Dominic Cummings find after travelling 250 miles to find it?'
Second question: 'Did he break lockdown while in Durham?'

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