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So sad summer is coming to a close. Check out my website for September schedule!
Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!

South Jersey ! Check out my website and get screened! I do travel all over NJ, PA, DE.
I travel to other places by request.

I just updated my tours on my profile! Catch me in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Harrisburg, South Jersey, and Allentown soon. To pre-book, visit

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Hello Northern Virginia and Switter World!

Enjoy your Wednesday Hump Day in June by taking a listen to Freddie Hubbard/Stanley Turrentine - In Concert: Volume 1 & 2!

Released in 1973 on the CTI label with Herbie Hancock on piano and Ron Carter on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums!

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

P411 # P54032

Twitter @elizabethabenn1

See Profile for Details.




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🔥 Best discreet hot, wet and ready in 🔥

Let's experience each other right now. I'm ready :horny:

Please email me for more details.


:lipstick_letter: :lipstick_letter:


Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather!! Available in the NJ area.
Also travels to PA, CT, DE, MD...

Change in Schedule💋 ❤️ 😍

9/1-9/3 SNJ area
9/4-9/5 Princeton, NJ
9/6-9/7 Balt, MD-9/7 till 11am only
9/7 Wilmington, DE
9/8--9/13 SNJ area
9/14-9/15 Lakewood, NJ
9/15-9/16 SNJ area
9/17-9/18 Ft. Wash, PA (9/18 till 11am only)
9/18-9/19 Harrisburg, PA
9/20-9/21 Allentown, PA
9/22-9/24 SNJ area
9/25-9/26 Danbury, CT
9/27-9/28 Boston, Mass
9/29-9/30 SNJ area

So sad summer is coming to a close. Check out my website for September schedule!
Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!

Summer☀️ is almost over! I'm so sad 😢! But it is that time of year again 🏈 GO EAGLES!!

If you are looking to get together please go to my website and fill out the screening info.
I host all over NJ area
Dates not posted are open for you to pick where and when

**Must be able to screen you
9/6-9/7 BWI MD
9/11-9/12 Boston, MASS
9/1-9/14 Danbury, CT
9/17-9/18 Horsham, PA (9/18 only till 11 am)
9/18-9/19 Harrisburg, PA
9/20-9/21 Allentown, PA

As fast as summer came...Can't believe it is already the 2nd week of Aug! I need a nice Caribbean vacation!

8/7-8/13 OPEN (you pick area)
8/14-8/15 Harrisburg, PA
8/16-8/17 Northern, NJ
8/18-8/19 OPEN (you pick area)
8/20-8/21 Wilmington, DE (8/21 last is at 10:30 am)
8/21-8/22 Allentown, PA
8/23-8/24 Northern, NJ
8/25-8/27 OPEN (you pick area)
8/28-8/29 Danbury, CT
8/30-8/31 OPEN (you pick area)

The weather is getting so nice out!! Beach Time!!☀️ ❤️ 💋 💕
Sarah oxox

💋 Sexy Sarah Love💋
Will be hitting the Central NJ and the Northern NJ area this week!! Visit my website to get screened.

If you would like me to come visit you in your area let me know.

💕 💕
💕 💕
💕 💕

It's the FREAKIN WEEKEND!! Who's getting freaky this weekend!!!

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Working on my schedule this morning. So if your looking for a or a private consultation. Definitely get in touch this morning.

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