Received this answer to an Instagram question and I'm furious with the POS men who rely on lame-ass fetishes instead of just being honest with someone who thinks they're friends. Men = 🗑️ friends as well.

Some bitter, hateful old Trump supporter sent us this photo of one of our stickers, staying he had destroyed the sticker because—in short—he is in favor of mass deportations and similar fascistic measures.

It’d be poetic justice if this photo he sent ends up seen by more people here on the internet than the original sticker would have been had he left it up where it was! Please share this post around to that purpose.

You can get copies of this sticker here for cheap:

i was in a sex store today and this girl walked in, looked at me and went “hello, where are the strap ons?” like girl i don’t work here but aisle 12
12:28 AM · Sep 20, 2020

if ur in west philly and want some covid safe coffee, or to support the local community, a trans owned/run coffee shop just opened up off Malcom X park. they're certified good noodles imo

So I'm still looking for a new job, if anyone is looking for a low-level C and C++ developer with some other languages mixed in and ideally has an open, fully-remote position, let me know~.

If it's for maintaining open source tooling that's a big plus~

The Proud Boys will hold a rally Saturday in Portland. There may or may not be some crazy shit about to happen, but do you know what else is happening Saturday?
Trump is going to announce his Supreme Court nomination. Think its intentional? Does the media have enough bandwidth to cover both?

job interviews 

Is it a bad sign if IT job candidates (development, security) from the US east coast were unemployed for several months?


I would like to hear your honest opinion about whether you think a built-in sprite editor is something worth it for Godot. For years I thought it was a silly idea, but so many users ask about it that makes me thing I am missing something.



mavi if you're reading this, or your polycule is, I really just want to be left alone. I do not want to interact. I don't want to be manipulated. I don't want your friends or your girlfriend's sending me harassing messages.

You've emotionally manipulated me through threats of suicide, through guilt tripping, through getting me to feel sorry for you and even when I went out of my way to try and be supportive, that was pretty much never returned when I was in crisis. I'm too old for one way friendships.

I hope you find some peace away from the cycle that is Mastodon. I refunded and cut contact because I knew I couldn't give you what you needed out of a friendship. Please just accept that.

This is the last public post I will make about this.

My 8-year-old nephew is going through a social studies unit on digital citizenship. He had a homework question to describe "How is throwing a bottle out the window like something you do online?"

His answer: "If you get mad about your Wifi you might throw a bottle out the window."

a fucking advert just got shown to me which was for tickets to the financial times webinar on how to profit from covid

capitalists need to be hanged. there is no way such people can be rehabilitated. death for all of them

"there are so many socks in this world!!" — lil guy doing laundry

Money, help needed, please boost 

Venmo: @void_

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. We owe over $3000 in rent and have no income. If you can spare anything to help our coven, all help is dearly appreciated. 💜

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