Portland art commission from twitter 

zucchini ☭
Evergreen tree
Hello! The company I work for is looking for a Portland artist to help us design a new tshirt (will pay $$$)
Please help me in this search by RTing and tagging your favorite Portland artists so I can make some connections!
BIPOC to the front please, all art styles welcome
Red heart

Thanksgiving car discussions

In my case; "Is that democratic-socialist-antifascist-communist going to be here again?"

Racist families: "Is that open-minded uncle of yours going to be there?"

Proud Boys: "I'll go through mommy's purse, you steal her jewellery."

Emergency fundraising, immediate action required. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST 

Okay, y’all... I need help. Big major, I’m-going-to-lose-everything, god-please-help-me help. I’ve detailed my situation as best as I can in the description of my gofundme, so please read it it and share wherever you can, whether you donate or not. Thank you 🖤 This is all I can do now.


re: uspol, biden 

@rysiek I hear you. I was firmly for Bernie in both 2016 and this year, but I voted for Clinton and Biden because square one -- a stable ground to fight from -- when that's under threat, it's gotta be put first.

But damnation if I'm not still going to be critical and antifa for the next few years, either here or in Europe. I've met Biden and think he's a decent guy. But decent is only the start. America needs to play catch-up, HARD, with the rest of the civilized world.

do i have any friends #OnHere near university of southern mississippi?

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