I Will Be Hosting Incall For Tonight Only, So For Those Who Wanted To Session & Havent Had The Chace To.Tonight Is Your Night.

Please View my webpage at www.sabrinaluv.com
To Know More About My Service, Please Provide Wll That I Am Requesting When Cintacting Me.
Your Name:
Apt Time:
Length Of Session:
Name Of The Site:
If You Do Not Provide these Details , I Will Deny Your Apt.
Don't Get Mad Or Start Calling Me Names.
Truthfully Boys.. I Have Heard IT all Before.& Honestly, I Love It!!!!..lol

Hello Everyone, Sabrina Luv Here Hosting Another Incall In Bakersfield For The Follwing Days Oct 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th. Please Do Visit My Website At www.sabrinaluv.com For More Details About My Service & All What I Expect From You All When Contacting Me.

Valley I woke up late and I left my phone in your car

@Valleyscott Valley injustice woke up and left my phone in your car

To everyone who has put their thoughts to acknowledge what I have been dealing with.

Contact Peterperter.. you have cheated with him before on here

Hello Switter.
I need your help.

My best friend Miss @SabrinaLuv is in need of assistance. The father of their children has turned his back on his family and they need help.

I've started a GoFundMe page:

If you want more information, you can visit my blog here:


She is an excellent and loving mother & a great friend to our community. Please take a look and help out.

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To Give Or Not To Give
A Sensation, An Experience,
A Build, Reaching Ur Peak.
A Unique Touch, Come Allow Me To Show U. Giveing U The Need To Feel A Touch Of My Every Part, Upon Every Part Of U
Allow Me To Take U On a Journey U Will Not Forget.
Will U Allow Urself A New Habbit?

Text Only Please/No Calls.
Provide Site U Located My Ad,
Address Me By My Name/ Introduce Urself
Do Not Ask If I am Avail.
Alwaya Set Your Appts In Advance
No Last Min/ Drop Ins
Sabrina Luv
Be Kind

If you have not seen this website yet, you should really check out The ValleyScott Blog. VS has a lot of really cool blogs about things involving sex workers and clients, etc. I've learned a lot of things I didn't know.

My favorite part is his interview with Miss @SabrinaLuv . It is really cool. Everyone should watch these videos:

She even answered a question that I asked!



My interview with the amazing @SabrinaLuv has now been viewed 1,000 times on The VallyScott Blog.

I am overjoyed that so many people have taken the time to get to know this amazing lady. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should:


Having an incall set for today, tonight, until tomorrow morning before 11am.
Accepting New Clinets & of Course My Regulars. ONLY FOR A NIGHT
661 900 3639

Even though we've never met, you have always been very sweet to me. I'll probably never meet you (I have a girlfriend finally!!!!! My first real girlfriend!), I still think you are amazing.
Don't let the haters get you down. They are just jealous from watching your interview on The ValleyScott Blog and seeing how awesome you are!

Shout Out To All The Luving Sweet Ladies Who Are DRAMA FREE..
If This Is You The Pass This To The Next. .

I wish someone would pay me to give me a massage

I Try To Be a Kind Hearted Person, A Caring Luving Gal. But Sometime There Are Others Who Luv To Work My Nerves. But I Keep My Chin Up & Always Remain Humble, Regardless Of Who Is Ready To Fight & Tear Down Those Happy Walls. Cause On The Inside The Only Thing That Counts, Should Be Who You Really Are. We Will Always Shine Just Like The Bext Person We Will Shine Like a Bright Star, For Those Who Try To Think They Can Win One Over On Us. Well... They Are Bot That Bright Afrer All.
Sabrina Luv

My Followers on Switter. I ask of you all to join us and many more , to help out of sister a provider in need of our community to stick together during this hard time. Please open up your hearts for Kelly Ryan & Family. A mother and a provider .
Valleyscott & I had set up a GoFundMe acct so many have helped to meet our goal half way please help us with the rest 1 more day. Thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas .

Okay Gentle-Mem,
Here to let u all know u have 2 more days to come see me.After 2Morrow, i will no longer have my incall & i will no longer be accepting new clients. So take your chance to come see me. If U have.not seen me .Then U Will have to wait until next time.you see my accepting New Clients.
I Wiill Not Be Doing Outcalls To Any New Clients DON'T ASK!!! If you are an established client i will make the outcall. Boy's font try to fool me and lie trust me i note everyone

Are you reading The ValleyScott Blog?

You should be.

Over 100 posts to entertain, enlighten, and encourage our community.

Sex Workers and Clients can find plenty that they will enjoy.

Check it out.


Follow @SabrinaLuv advice:

Hello Fellas,
Are U ready 2 feel the shock of my body?
Can U feel the touch of my gods gifted hands?
Can U surrender yourself 2 me, allow Urself 2 unwind with me . Allow me 2 relax every part
of U,
From Head 2 Toe.
Will U let this FBSM darling Relax U
Come join me a
Sabrina Luv
Muah 👄
Plz Txt Only!
No CALLS!!! Don't Forget 2 Mention the site

Location: Bakersfield, Ca
Contact: (661)900-3639

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