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And ladies, I'd suggest you start changing and privatizing your number, if you are doing any real volume of business.

Goodnight lovely ladies and gents!! Hard to believe 2018 is almost over!

I originally wasn’t going to put my tree up this year since my kids won’t be here. But last night they talked me into it! Ready for their creative decorating today! 🎄🎄😍

Screening is essential, most of us agree on that. So is using a protected email account that does not include background analytics that learns things about providers and hobbyists. I won't send screening info to providers if their email is on Google or Yahoo. Protonmail is my email of choice for hobbying communications.

I just had the biggest prick argue with me about screening because he has 700k twitter followers and he claimed i might blackmail him. Sooo Im posed to date you but you dont trust me with basic personal info? Im so Furious rn like really mf? Get over ya self. Dont nobody got time for that at 9am boy bye. Yo famous ass finna be jerking it all night if it was up to me.

Interesting question for you lawyers.. boss that writes bad checks to employees? What to do?

If you use skipthegames site best advise stop. Leo is def on their placing ads for set ups.

Certified Tantra in Times Square & throughout the East Coast. Unrushed, phenomenal results. Includes a bath ceremony, 3 different types of unique bodywork techniques, & a new understanding of yourself. Let's get to know each other. Standard bodyrub also available.

Location: New York City/Port Authority
Contact: 347-463-0425
Today until 9pm

I wish that each and everyone of you special people had a successful positive day!! I think I will be working on my Twitter more then here in the near future... follow me there.. to the few people that have made switter a wonderful place and welcoming thank you

Note to self not everyone on here has your best interest at heart...

@nurub2blover1 I’ll give you about 24 hours to ad a bio before I delete and block you. I do not and will not allow followers without a bio. Thanks

I'm DianneRN Holistic Professional & Love Coach Empowering Business Owners & Professional Men to DeStress ReEnergize Restore Love & Intimacy into their Lives
Marriage Solution
I work online & in person with people worldwide
Let's schedule a call.

Location: Ohio
Contact: 330-776-8144

@anonanon Hey can you make a ton of fake pages about me next please? Thanks 😁
I want some free promotion too..



🤷🏻‍♀️New year....
🤷🏻‍♀️New laws....
👉🏻:lingerie: Our community has been under the microscope 🔬
✅We should all be worried.
✅We should all be proactive.
✅We must ALL stick together.

⚖️💔They will try to rip us apart each chance they receive.👈🏻✅

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