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I’m on Santa’s 🎅🏻 naughty list for sure!! But, am I on Your NAUGHTY list this year?

Click on the photos for a sneak peak at how naughty I can be....

I don't comment publicly on here anymore (burnt too many times) but on this one topic I will comment in case there's ANY doubt: to this day, @xLexcLoveex remains the sweetest, kindest most genuine provider I've ever had the honor of meeting. She's a true gem and we should all be very grateful for her kind words and actions.


So here's the finished page for on my site, let me know what you guys think!!

Join me fellow and in a challenge to give back to our communities for the be grateful for the amazing opportunities and lifestyle that our industry affords us! So...


Remember to use the when posting so I can see who all is joining...more details soon!! :)

Hey SF Bay Area, and I have availability for duos this week on Weds and before 2pm Thursday ✨

@nurub2blover1 I do not follow or allow followers without a bio. Most of us ladies will not. Add a bio. Thanks

After being reviewed as one of the top companions in N. California + abroad, I’ve decided I will be delisting from the review system. I want time with my clients to feel as natural and real as possible, so I know gentlemen will understand and respect this decision. What we do together should only be between us. 😉 Not to mention- I miss my privacy. ❤️

Things that do not mean you are a safe person to see:
- A phone call
- A paystub that you will provide "in person"
- A promise that you are a nice guy
- Meeting at a coffee shop in the daylight so I will "feel more secure than at night."

C'mon y'all. Screening is not about your ability to pay for the session. Screening is about proving you are a safe person to see who is not going to murder me...I love being alive and I'd like to stay that way!

So....following some threads. The men, esp. are pretty complacent about Jan 1. and possible loss of contact, busts, etc. Sorry, but so many of us will not be completely going back to the old ways, way old....can't and won't. Non US based sites can still be blocked. We aren't going without any screening. Many are still struggling in various ways, you'll need to follow what we are comfortable with. PRESCREEN, and if you want quality---get her direct contact info, ahead of time.

👋🏻 genтѕ...

do уoυ ѕee αℓℓ of тнoѕe вodу ωαѕн / ѕнαмρoo / ѕρα / вeαυту / ραʝαмα / нαιr ρroducт / eтc
нoℓιdαу gιfт ѕeтѕ αт ѕтoreѕ rιgнт noω?

тнeу αre ѕιмρℓe, eαѕу, αωeѕoмe gιfтѕ for тнe ρroνιderѕ уoυ νιѕιт тнιѕ мonтн...


нoe нoe нoe!

Sorry I don't follow people that have no bio and do not communicate on here. It's a chat room don't be afraid to say hello 👋 👋 👋

@Sourd123 I do not accepting anyone who doesn’t have a bio... most of us ladies don’t

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