experiences w tryst? good? naw?

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@SaSsYARi Good question for a survey type post. 😘😘😘 See the three bars below between the camera and the padlock.

@ronf thank you for that bit of advice lol i dont pay to much attention to bars below

@SaSsYARi Its just an idea. Not really scientific but as with any survey, just shows you trend or most likely. Wish Switter would let you define the maximum time, right now max time is preset to a specific number, I think 7 days? Also it would be nice see who voted limited to poster initiator view only. That way, you can make a determination if the responses have some level of legitimacy.

@ronf its all good. I decided to sign up for the account and we shall see.. just seems switter and most the sites now days are doing better everywhere but florida...

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