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And when they say they always believed in you, say "nah, you didn't. But I believed in me and that was enough"

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If you are ever alone with the money, and spot a fake, be careful how you handle it because he could get violent when you confront him. I would not say a word, walk him to the door, open it and stand in the doorway so that he cannot corner you. Then give him all his bills back and tell him to leave.

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If we have met before please let me know so I can follow you &keep in touch 🤑🦄

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The Dancer's Resource app

is a bit like Yelp-meets-Glassdoor for strippers, giving dancers the crucial ability to review and research the clubs where they work, connect with other dancers, and generally strengthen their position in a frequently abusive, financially cutthroat industry. [forbes]
Full article:

The Rules of Engagement
More business lessons from the life of a high-priced escort.

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Sober through the last drink,
drunk from the bitter start,
therein lies the noise of silence,
therein lies the truthful lie.

In a spiral of thunder,
I cry out for silence,
emptiness sings laughter,
sadness seeks the void

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While all answers are responses, not all responses are answers ...

Two different experiences today that bring to me a common trait I have observed in Americans, the need to oversimplify and avoid dealing with details ... if not violently reject them

"I’m having a hard time articulating my feelings on this issue except that female dancers—whether they are cheerleaders or exotic dancers etc—cannot be left out of the movement. They are not your property."

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We did come to this decision over reviews yesterday after taking into consideration all the feedback we got from emails as well as feedback from the community and moderators. They have also only just been made aware of this update. We're still learning, but we'll ensure to keep them in the loop with a little more notice next time :)

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We are aware that there were many mixed feelings around reviews. Based on the feedback from workers on Switter and from a legal standpoint, we are not willing to facilitate reviews on Switter. If you would like to leave reviews there are other platforms for use.

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Hey Switterverse!

Here is the new Code of Conduct. In short:

- No reviews
- No affiliate links
- No posting on behalf of any other party without consent.
- No explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services within listings


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