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Why do I call myself RopeDoll you ask?

Because I’m happiest when I’m immobilized, and used like a little fuck toy!

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Just finished filming a custom video! Let me know if you want one too~

Relaxing in my best onsie 🎀

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That was a fun ! If you missed me on , don’t worry. I’ll be back later tonight!

If you want to see all of my rope photos, check out my ! While you’re there you can watch free trailers to all of my too!

I’m a good girl, and good girls go to church on Sunday’s (then film porn at night).

Watching Deadpool, and planning my day tomorrow. I think I’m going to film a video and stream on Plexstorm!

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The Switter Team has asked every Switter member to follow the rules and one major concern is for those that have inappropriate Avatars. It's okay if you are new, get familiar with things.

If you have nudity (showing genitalia/areolas, etc.) and/or sexual acts...


Respect the Switter Rules/Code of conduct. They have to go out of their way for those that have not changed their avatars.

Thank you for your cooperation.


A Switter Fan 💙

I spent all day baking! Here’s some lemon and raspberry thumbprint cookies!

I haven’t been posting much here, because I’ve been so busy with . It’s my newest streaming site. I’m on it for a few hours every day. I’ll be on for #4/20 in the afternoon! Check out my stream for some video gaming and naughty time 🎀

I’m going live at 5:30 CST on to play some . It’ll be lots of fun! I hope to see you guys there!

Today has been a wonderful day. Thank you everyone at for being so supportive

We had an awesome D&D session! We brought a Goddess back to life and accidentally released a dragon

I'm going to be streaming some on soon! Show starts in one hour at 3:30 CST. I'd love to see you there!

Why can’t people on the internet just be decent?

About to go live on to play some Assassin’s Creed with an emphasis on the ass!

Sorry guys. I’ve been having internet problems all day and my game won’t be downloaded in time for my stream. I might have to cancel tonight

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