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I have seen a lot of negative posts recently. I saw one while i was at work today and has since been deleted. I am sorry you all have to deal with such harsh and unmannored ass hats.
To all you wonderful out there I say to you this:
You are beautiful. You are amazing! You are appreciated! You are LOVED!!
No matter your build, ethnicity, gender or non-gender, education or classiness; YOU ARE PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE!

Never let anyone tell you otherwise

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Profile has been taken over/ something isn't right!
Girls beware!!
Will put him in the national no-go book!


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Happy Birthday to me πŸ’– I made my grand entrance on earth 24 years ago today 🌍 πŸ—“

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Yaaaaay, it’s friiyaaaay and I get to go home early πŸ₯³.

Here’s the pic I promised.

Thank you love for my lovely surprise. You totally made my night πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

🀫 I gained a little bit of weight, ima blame it on the darn holidays πŸ˜†

Does bad grammar irritate anyone else?! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Happy Freaky Friday Fellas πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜œπŸ‘…

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😘 + 😘
πŸ‘  πŸ‘ 
πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘
☁️ ☁️

Good morning Switterhearts πŸ₯°
I got my ProtonMail back 😁.
Phishing victim πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Be careful.

* Email:

This is where you can send me a little intro and I’ll send back screening info requested.



Thanks loves 😘. Still waiting to hear from you. πŸ€—

Dβ‚β‚˜β‚™ β‚›wα΅’β‚œβ‚œβ‚‘α΅£ Fβ‚β‚˜... yβ‚’α΅€ ₐᡣₑ ₐₗₗ β‚œβ‚•β‚‘ β‚˜β‚’β‚›β‚œ β‚›α΅€β‚šβ‚šβ‚’α΅£β‚œα΅’α΅₯β‚‘ bα΅€β‚™cβ‚• β‚’β‚™ ₐₙy β‚šβ‚—β‚β‚œfβ‚’α΅£β‚˜ α΅’β‚™ β‚œβ‚•α΅’β‚› dα΅’α΅₯β‚‘α΅£β‚›β‚‘ α΅’β‚™dα΅€β‚›β‚œα΅£y! β‚œβ‚•β‚β‚™β‚“ β‚‘α΅₯β‚‘α΅£Yβ‚’β‚™β‚‘ fβ‚’α΅£ β‚–β‚‘β‚‘β‚šα΅’β‚™g β‚˜β‚‘ β‚’β‚™ β‚α΅€β‚œβ‚’β‚‹β‚šα΅’β‚—β‚’β‚œ dα΅€α΅£α΅’β‚™g β‚œβ‚•β‚’β‚›β‚‘ β‚œα΅’β‚˜β‚‘β‚› α΅’'β‚˜ ₐwₐy. Yβ‚’α΅€ ₐᡣₑ ₐₗₗ β‚›β‚‘β‚“y, bβ‚‘β‚α΅€β‚œα΅’fα΅€β‚— β‚œα΅£β‚β‚˜β‚šβ‚› ₐₙd α΅’β‚œ'β‚› gα΅£β‚‘β‚β‚œ β‚–β‚™β‚’wα΅’β‚™g β‚œβ‚•β‚‘α΅£β‚‘ ₐᡣₑ β‚›β‚’ β‚˜β‚β‚™y ₐₛ β‚šβ‚‘α΅£α΅₯β‚‘α΅£β‚œβ‚‘d ₐₙd β‚œwα΅’β‚›β‚œβ‚‘d ₐₛ β‚˜β‚‘! β‚œβ‚•β‚β‚™β‚“ ₐgₐᡒₙ... β‚—α΅’cβ‚–y β‚—α΅’cβ‚–y!!! 😝😜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜›πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜

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